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Please consider Jutoh 3, our ebook editor, now with many of the features in Writer's Café including a Storyboard planning tool, writing exercises, and the Fiction: The Facts ebook. Jutoh runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, including macOS 10.15 and above (Writer's Café is limited to macOS 10.14 and below).

Download the latest Writer's Café 2 release here. Until registered, it will act as a demonstration with a few limitations. You can read what's new. For the previous release of Writer's Café, see Writer's Café 1 Downloads.

You can uninstall the old version first if you wish (on Windows, from the Start menu or Control Panel). Or you can use Check for Updates on the Help menu, which will download an update if there is one. You can specify the same folder when installing each time. If in doubt, you can download and install Writer's Café in the usual way.

Please see Release Notes for what's new in this release.

Writer's Café version 1 users: please see the upgrade page for information about upgrading.

Note for German users: Writer's Café contains a German translation for the user interface, the Getting Started guide, and the e-book, Fiction: The Facts.

Writer's Café for Windows

Writer's Café for Windows is about 14 MB in size. You need about 30 MB of disk space.

Windows 8 users: click on More info when you get the "Windows protected your PC" screen, and then click Run anyway in the next screen. For further information, see How do I install Writer's Café on Windows 8?

Windows Vista/7/8 users: if when running Writer's Café you see error messages about a resource load failure, please install Writer's Café into a folder other than Program Files, or adjust permissions for the Program Files folder.

Writer's Café for Mac OS X

Writer's Café for Mac OS X is about 32 MB in size. It requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) or later and has been tested on all versions of Mac OS X up to and including 10.12 (Sierra).

PLEASE NOTE that Writer's Café 2.44 is a 32-bit application and does not run on macOS Catalina (10.15) or later. A 64-bit beta release of Writer's Café 2.45 is available, supporting macOS 10.10 to 11.0. Do let us know if you have problems with the beta; however, we do not intend to refine the user interface further for macOS. For a better experience on Mac, including retina display optimization, consider using Jutoh.

The archive is a disk image; downloading will automatically mount it, and you can then drag the Writer's Café 2.xx folder to an appropriate place, such as the Applications folder. You need about 90 MB of disk space.

Note: On Mac OS X 10.8 and above, use control-click and then Open to run Writer's Café for the first time.

Writer's Café for Linux

These binaries should work on most Linux distributions.

64-bit packages, compiled on Ubuntu 18.04

With this distribution, on some systems you may also need to download libpng16. If Jutoh does not run, search for libpng16 in your package manager and install it.

64-bit packages for older systems, compiled on Ubuntu 8.04

With this distribution, you may also need to download a libpng 1.2 compatibility library, as described here.

32-bit packages for older systems, compiled on Ubuntu 8.04

Other packages:

Linux users: please see the following FAQs:

Writer's Café for Raspberry Pi 2+, Pinebook

Writer's Café runs on Raspberry Pi 2/3, and it also runs on the Pinebook if you install the required 32-bit libraries. It has been built and tested on Raspbian. Before installing the RPM, you will first need to install the libpng12 RPM.

Writer's Café Translation File

If you wish to contribute a translation, please download the following file and read the notes on translation.


HelpView is an application for viewing e-books created by Writer's Café in the form of .HTB files. It can be downloaded via the separate HelpView page.

Forty Thieves

Forty Thieves is a card game for relaxing your mind to help unblock the creative process. You can download it via the separate Forty Thieves page.

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