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Writer's Café 2 Release Notes

See also What's new in version 2? for an overview of the new features.

Version 2.44, July 21st 2019

  • Fixed a bug introduced into 2.43 whereby style sheets were not read correctly.

Version 2.43, July 10th 2019

  • Fixed a bug when creating a new project after editing both the structure and storylines, and basing the file on a project template. The top level would not have the initial storyline changes.
  • Fixed text wrapping in cards to account for languages with no spaces between words, such as Chinese.
  • Fixed misspelling of settings.cnf location in mobile drive, when switching to storing settings externally in Mobile Preferences. Also fixed double initial mobile drive selection dialog.
  • All dividers now update live instead of drawing a floating sash, to work around Windows scaling problems on high resolution monitors.
  • A version for Raspberry Pi 2+, Pinebook and other ARM-based devices is now available.

Version 2.42, April 3rd 2017

  • Added the ability to change the paragraph style names used in a report, via properties of Elements Styles in the Edit Report Template dialog.
  • Removed redundant whitespace from paragraphs in exported ODT files.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a card to the bottom of the StoryLines window in wrapped mode.
  • Fixed a bug that lost changes in desktop notes if the note wasn't closed when the program was quit.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a StoryLines card to the pinboard when no pinboard document was open.

Version 2.41, November 3rd 2016

  • Samples are now copied to Documents/Writer's Cafe Documents/Samples so they do not need to be loaded from the application data folder.
  • Fixed font selector dialog for macOS X 10.12 (Sierra) by avoiding the native font dialog.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac OS X whereby when the tabbed tools are shown, clicking on a tab sometimes reverted the tab selection.
  • Fixed a problem with the master storyline whereby cards were drawn on top of each other.

Version 2.40, October 28th 2014

  • Fixed font selector dialog for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).
  • Now opens the sample StoryLines file from the application data area, not next to the application binary which is not writable.

Version 2.39, May 1st 2014

  • Fixed a crash when editing cards in StoryLines projects with multiple sheets.

Version 2.38, April 28th 2014

  • Fixed a crash when deleting a custom StoryLines table.
  • Fixed an icon transparency issue (for new StoryLines projects).
  • Added a delay before updating the current card after typing. This delay can be adjusted via the option Preferences/Advanced/Card update interval. Setting a larger value can mitigate performance problems for large projects.

Version 2.37, May 5th 2013

  • Fixed a bug redoing commands when viewing a sheet other than that selected.
  • Now respects blank lines when showing the summary in cards.
  • Fixed a focus bug that disabled mouse wheel scrolling in the StoryLines editor when edit-in-place is used.
  • Added the Spanish version of the Cookies.

Version 2.36, April 1st 2013

  • Fixed a refresh problem when collapsing or expanding a section.
  • Fixed a problem in the online help when showing an external web page.
  • The help contents is now synchronized with the page that is currently showing.
  • Added missing DLLs to the PortableApps version.

Version 2.35, February 14th 2013

  • Added "Display content" choice to "Card display policy" in the StoryLines appearance settings, to display content instead of summary in the cards.
  • Fixed a problem with indentation output to ODT in a locale that uses commas for decimal points.
  • Fixed a problem with storyline layout when the card size was changed.
  • Fixed a problem with garbled titles in the help system.
  • Importing a dictionary now adds it under the user data, not under the installation folder, since the user may not have permission to write to the latter.
  • Fixed problems running on some Linux distributions.
  • Fixed a crash-on-exit bug relating to the Find dialog.

Version 2.34, October 24th 2012

  • Fixed a bug whereby the scene number would be shown even if disabled in the report template.
  • Fixed a display optimization bug that would show cards on the wrong column after a column insertion operation.
  • Fixed a bug deleting columns if no columns would be left after deletion.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when the Content tab was visible when closing the document.
  • Fixed disabled menu item problems on recent Ubuntu distributions.
  • Added a Latvian UI translation and Getting Started guide, thanks to Janis Eisaks and Antra Ergle.

Version 2.33, July 22nd 2012

  • Fixed auto-scrolling when dragging a card: no longer need to keep the mouse within a small area at the edge of the window, and scrolling is speeded up.

Version 2.32, July 20th 2012

  • Improved auto-replace so that the replaced text does not have to be preceded by whitespace.
  • Fixed a crash bug when deleting a chapter via the context menu in the storyline window.
  • Fixed a bug when editing a player's name that caused the name to be blanked out when cancelling the dialog.
  • The StoryLines report is regenerated if a tag is deleted.
  • Fixed a memory corruption in existing tables when editing a schema used by those tables.
  • Fixed a bug when searching for tags whereby newly typed text in the content tab was not searched when pressing Update.
  • The number of instances of the application is now restricted to one on Windows.
  • Improved performance slightly by doing idle processing less frequently.
  • Fixed a bug whereby in ODT generation, strikethrough was enabled if it was explicitly disabled via the style editor.
  • Editing document styles now marks the document as modified.
  • Optimized the StoryLines drawing code so large documents are easier to edit.
  • Idle-time updates are called less frequently, improving performance.
  • Corrected the bad "Read on..." link in HTB (HelpView) files.
  • Fixed a problem whereby clicking or dragging a card that's slightly out of view causes the window to scroll in a distracting manner.
  • Added horizontal gesture scrolling on Mac and speeded up vertical scrolling.
  • Added "Pixels per scroll increment" advanced preferences option to help speed up Mac gesture scrolling, defaulting to 2 on Mac and 1 on other platforms.
  • Fixed a problem with Check for Updates finding the existing release as a new download.

Version 2.31, December 2nd 2011

  • Fixed a crash if annotation window was the first window in the FCE.
  • Fixed non-appearance of location profiles in reports.
  • Fixed bad output to ODT when using a tabular report template.
  • Fixed raw HTML display in manual on some Windows systems.
  • Fixed a bug where annotations were not saved in the Floating Card Editor when pressing Save and then exiting.
  • Added +/- buttons to export/print selections panel.
  • Fixed lack of paste in the key field of the registration dialog on Mac.
  • Now uses xdg-open on Linux to run the default application association with a file, since the previous method didn't work on all systems.
  • Added Auto-Replace Preferences command to View menu, and implemented auto-replace in the Content window.

Version 2.30, March 8th 2011

  • Added "Paper size" formatting option to report template, used when exporting to ODT.
  • Added $DATE$ variable option to headers and footers.
  • Fixed "SL Comment" stripping for ODT and HTML output.
  • Now automatically renumbers lists if an item's level was changed.
  • Added Browse to image browser, to prompt using the standard file browser.
  • Fixed a paragraph wrapping problem when tabs are present.
  • Corrected style resetting when pasting from the clipboard in the editor.
  • Fixed a problem with missing menubars in some recent Linux systems.

Version 2.29, January 4th 2011

  • Fixed a problem with changing linked annotation titles in StoryLines content.
  • Now uses the Author field in StoryLines page headers if the Copyright field is empty.
  • Fixed bad titles in the help file.
  • Improved application of styles to paragraphs within lists, in the text editor.
  • Fixed icon in KDE application list on Linux when installing from RPM.
  • Fixed a problem with cursor positioning when tabs and styled text are both present.

Version 2.28, October 2nd 2010

  • Corrected an ODT bug introduced in 2.27, whereby card content would not be output to ODT files.

Version 2.27, September 28th 2010

  • Fixed StoryLines bug whereby folding didn't update the display correctly in wrapping mode.
  • Changing a duration in a StoryLines card now updates the statistics.
  • Fixed a problem where saving a text scrap, then typing more and switching to a different scrap, caused the new text to be lost.
  • Fixed a problem opening journals and notebooks on the first run since the initial install.
  • Various small bug fixes in the editor.
  • Fixed a problem where the drop-down list disappeared from the StoryLines notes and annotation editors on recent versions of Linux.

Version 2.26, May 20th 2010

  • Added Dutch translation by Paul Kater.
  • Fixed a bug when using custom locations in the location insertion menu.
  • Cached card word counts are now stored in the .stk file to avoid long delays when first counting words after opening a file.
  • Removed redundant use of the Windows registry when using a local file for settings.
  • Now shows the Scrapbook tool if launching a Desktop shortcut for a Scrapbook that is already loaded.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new card by right-clicking in the Master Storyline area.
  • Organizer and bookshelf windows now keep their adjusted sizes between sessions.
  • Fixed a bug when moving a selected line containing a label in a collage scrap.
  • Fixed a crash when undoing past a StoryLines sheet change, then redoing it, by pruning the undoable commands that come before a major sheet structure change.
  • Fixed a bug in Shift-dragging a card whereby the card would not be moved along with the column.
  • Increased the size of the StoryLines outline window text on Mac (was hard to read on high-resolution screens).
  • Added support for non-UK quotation marks to spelling checker.
  • Fixed a problem applying font properties to content, where the whole content's text size would change.
  • When applying font changes to content, now only applies changed values to the selected text.
  • The overstrike style is now exported to OpenDocument.
  • The style preview in the report template editor dialog now reflects the base style.
  • Fixed a bug typing when content has been deleted (letters appeared in the wrong order).
  • After editing a style, the style selection is no longer reset to the first one.
  • Fixed a crash when importing from formatted text files.
  • Fixed wrong context menu in Organizer, and added a context menu for Favourites.

Version 2.25, December 17th 2009

  • New behaviour by popular request: creating a new card now creates a new column if a space could not be found directly after the focus card, rather than appending a column to the end of the storyline. The New Card context menu command has been made consistent with the toolbar/menu new card command.
  • When inserting a column at the start of a section, the new column is inserted at the start of the section instead of being appended to the previous section.
  • Fixed a bug preventing images being linked from a separate drive.
  • Speeded up StoryLines word counting after first count, by caching the count for each card.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun bug that could occur when entering very large words in the summary (especially in Chinese).
  • Now shows section headings even if there were no cards at this level (the Show Section Heading element style can still be used to switch them off).
  • Fixed a hang in search caused by duplicate card identifiers.
  • Fixed a locale-related bug that caused no program updates to be detected when the language was set to a non-English European language.
  • Speeded up window creation on Windows, resulting in slightly faster load times.
  • Corrected a typo in the Scrapbook menu.

Version 2.24, November 24th 2009

  • Fixed a bug that could overwrite an existing default scrapbook (Scraps.wcs) in some circumstances, especially when running a fresh copy of Writer's Café with a Scraps.wcs that was modified on a different machine.
  • Improved HTML export for line and paragraph spacing, using CSS where possible.
  • Fixed line spacing customisation for ODT export.
  • Fixed StoryLines import for Characters, Locations and Story.
  • Fixed a problem with journal dates on Solaris.
  • No longer adds auto-save file to favourites when recovering a StoryLines project.
  • Fixed a bug with secondary StoryLines windows being sized too big on Mac.
  • Fixed a slowdown problem with statistics always being calculated after Statistics tab was selected.
  • Fixed problems with text size changing in notebooks, journals and text scraps after applying a font change.
  • Fixed a divide by zero bug in card statistics, producing negative word counts.
  • Fixed a bug whereby tabs were stripped from the beginning of a paragraph if followed by a quotation mark.
  • Fixed a bug preventing new content in Floating Card Editor from taking a default style.
  • Fixed Summary/Content ordering in Floating Card Editor on some platforms.
  • The keyboard focus is now set to an available text field when the Floating Card Editor is shown.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new sheet with default annotations.
  • Fixed linking from a card to a new sheet.
  • Fixed a crash when switching to a sheet with fewer storylines than the first.
  • Fixed a bug in creating archives on Windows, whereby names would be repeated in the archive.
  • Added time as well as date to backup archives, for making frequent backups unique.
  • Fixed a hang in the collage tool when creating an image (double-clicking on the browser caused the mouse capture not to be released).
  • Spellchecker now ignores Unicode dash symbols.
  • Improved StoryLines project integrity fixing.
  • Added menu accelerators for next scrap and previous scrap commands.
  • Added Save command to Floating Card Editor.
  • Added Chinese Getting Started guide, by Lee Guo.
  • Worked around an apparent Mac OS X 10.6 locale/font bug that causes some text items to have large heights when the language is set to German, Spanish or Polish.

Version 2.23, September 15th 2009

  • Some buttons for Characters and Locations are now hidden if there is insufficient room for them.
  • Fixed a problem on Linux where the Bookshelf content window could be partially hidden under the navigation window.
  • Specifying zero spacing between paragraphs now works in exported HTML, though not in the internal report.
  • Fixed a crash bug in collage scrap when moving objects after selecting a line label.
  • Correct some problems with importing all schemas from another project.
  • Filled journal entries from pre-version 2 files now show in the calendar.
  • Fixed European character input using AltGr on Windows.
  • Fixed copying of StoryLines report to clipboard on Windows.
  • Fixed a crash bug when simultaneously changing a StoryLines project structure and editing default annotations.
  • Fixed a problem with notebook and journal entries not remembering style changes.
  • Fixed disabled card link menu items, and added ability to double-click on a list item to go to a link.
  • Fixed underlining support in exported ODT documents.
  • Fixed a problem with making workspace files relative or absolute (only the first one changed).
  • Now saves paper size and page margins between sessions.
  • Fixed a bug in notebook and journal global search (some pages weren't being searched).
  • Fixed a bug in showing/hiding StoryLines label window; now all sheets and tabs are affected.
  • Fixed some problems changing the reference font for the Desktop and Pinboard. This font now chooses the basic text scale (but not the font point size in the actual text - this can be changed independently of the current text scale).
  • The font button on the pinboard toolbar now changes the overall font for this pinboard, not the font for only the selected notes, to bring it into line with other tools.
  • The text editing toolbar now shows at the bottom of the Desktop, eliminating most of the vertical desktop jumping before and after editing a text note, journal or notebook.
  • Desktop tool titles and descriptions are now translated after changing the display language, without losing custom desktop icons.
  • Fixed initial lack of a paragraph style when creating a new text scrap.
  • Added the ability to drop files onto the Favourites panel.
  • Fixed annoyingly quick tooltip popup on Windows.
  • Fixed problem whereby the timer Resume button was not enabled after pausing a count-up timer.
  • Fixed a font dialog bug on Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Fixed Undo/Redo for notebooks, journals and scraps under Linux.
  • Fixed occasional caret refresh bug on Linux.
  • Fixed a crash when launching Writer's Café with the splash screen enabled, by opening a file in Finder.
  • Print preview on Windows is now much faster.
  • Fixed a problem where double-clicking on a file in Explorer would not permanently display the relevant tool window.
  • Fixed a problem in StoryLines where the displayed or exported formatting styles weren't always synchronized to the current report template.
  • Added new report template content style, "Add parentheses", to add brackets to SL Parenthetical paragraphs if not specified.
  • Re-ordered the tab order when cycling through script styles in auto-format mode, to put the more frequently used styles first.
  • In text editors, the separate numeric keypad delete key now works as per the regular delete key.
  • Translations have been improved, including some items that weren't translated previously.
  • Added Chinese user interface translation thanks to 谷志坚 (Gurock).
  • Added German Getting Started guide.

Version 2.22, March 4th 2009

  • Improved descriptions of the available downloads shown by the Mobile Installation wizard.
  • Added the ability to create folder desktop icons and drag them from Explorer or Finder to the desktop.
  • Enabled "Explore Folder" option for Linux and Mac in StoryLines export wizard.
  • Auto-save files are no longer saved in the temporary directory, since these files can get cleared out periodically. The auto-save file is now saved next to the original file.
  • Web command now shows the default web browser if the internal web browser is not available or disabled.
  • Added the Helpers preferences page for configuring helper applications to view files externally.
  • Fixed a crash when sorting the top-level scrapbook item.
  • Fixed a crash on multi-level documents on deleting a card.
  • The current level no longer changes on Linux and Mac after deleting a card.
  • Fixed crash when changing "Combine scene and card items in the outline" when no StoryLines project is loaded.
  • Fixed crash when losing focus of a column label control after the current level has changed.
  • Fixed a bug whereby installing Writer's Café on an external drive from the currentn installation would copy the whole containing folder.
  • Fixed problems applying and removing list styles.
  • Fixed crash on Linux when using Scrapbook | Import Images.

Version 2.21, February 10th 2009

  • Fixed a problem with spell-checking where summaries of one card could be copied to another.
  • Added Spanish translation by J.J.G. Roy.
  • The Organizer now remembers its visibility between sessions.
  • Fixed a collage scrap crash caused by being able to link to line control points; this is now forbidden.
  • Fixed a bug whereby applying an ad-hoc style didn't reflect all the attributes of the underlying style.
  • Added compatibility accelerators: Ctrl+Insert for copying and Shift+Insert for pasting.
  • Now when switching to the Desktop, the tool showing on the desktop (such as a Notebook or Journal) is hidden.
  • Added "Close all projects before loading" option in Workspace panel. If left cleared, projects that are open but not specified in the workspace will not be closed.
  • Mac shortcut for invoking help is now Shift+Cmd+H, in order to avoid a conflict with the standard Cmd+H (hide window) command. This command also now toggles the help window on and off.

Version 2.20, January 21st 2009

  • Fixed tool invocation from tray icon on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug with importing pockets from old StoryLines files.
  • Fixed Save As for journals and notebooks.
  • Fixed problem saving schemas with no corresponding tables.
  • Fixed rare crash on exit if notebook or journal didn't save properly.
  • Fixed a bug on Linux when invoking F1 help twice.
  • Fixed occasional bug on Mac/Linux when moving multiple StoryLines cards.
  • Fixed slow loading times on computers with large hard disks, due to the Explorer pane being populated immediately.
  • Fixed duplicate entries in mobile installation wizard after clicking Back and then Next.
  • Fixed StoryLines ODT export problem with headers and footers.
  • Page breaks in ODT export now work the same as for printing.
  • Fixed font faces in ODT export.
  • Fixed spurious indentation problem in RTF/Word export from OpenOffice by omitting outline number from styles.
  • Fixed bug where web scrap address and shortcut scrap command were not saved if the text was pasted from the clipboard.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a level and specifying that column numbering should restart at every section.
  • Removed the separate StoryLines section context menu, added section commands to the regular context menu, and clarified the names of the column insertion commands.
  • Now preserves expanded state in StoryLines outline when adding or deleting columns and cards.
  • The state of checkboxes in the tip dialog are preserved when restarting the application.
  • Custom dictionary entries are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Added "Section heading style" field to level properties dialog, to allow different heading styles for different levels.
  • Added "Omit formatting" report template element to suppress all formatting for text export.
  • Added Sort scrapbook command.
  • Reset scrollbars when zooming in a collage scrap.
  • Added "Editor margin" control in Appearance Settings page, to allow custom space around the contents of a text control.
  • Added "Keep edit line centred" control in Appearance Settings page.

Version 2.19, December 16th 2008

  • Corrected a problem with scrap selection when exporting or printing.
  • Corrected a problem with schema editing in German mode.
  • Corrected automatic style export for OpenDocument, for Notebook and Journal. This affects character styles (such as italics and bold) and modified paragraph styles. The correction works for newly applied styling only.
  • Further registration dialog fix for non-ASCII characters - now tries ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8 encoding conversions since either might be supplied to the user.
  • No longer tries to create the Writer's Cafe Documents folder even if the default document location has been changed.
  • Corrected incorrect symbol substitution in HTML and ODT.
  • Fixed text wrapping glitch and indentation/centering combination in styled text editor.
  • Fixed a problem printing lists.
  • Fixed margins in OpenDocument output.
  • Fixed spurious modification of journal and notebook when exporting.
  • Fix the bug launching a shortcut (such as OpenOffice.org Writer) when there is a period in the name.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new section from the storyline window section menu, and added an "Insert Section Break" menu item. "Add Section" now always appends the new section after the end of the current section.
  • Fixed problem with insensitive section label area when the storyline window is wrapped.
  • Corrected a problem loading word lists on Mac OS X.
  • Added support for BROWSERPRIORITY environment variable for Unix users to override the web browser used.
  • Added Polish user interface translation by Krzysztof Smirnow.

Version 2.18, November 13th 2008

  • Chinese characters are now treated as words in StoryLines, Journal and Notebook word count.
  • Fixed erroneous printing/preview of non-ASCII symbols in Notebook, Journal and Scrapbook (due to a missing meta tag).
  • Fixed loading of old ASCII text scraps written by non-Unicode version of Writer's Café 1.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac that incorrectly pasted non-ASCII text pasted from an external application.
  • Fixed loss of custom location when opening a StoryLines project.
  • Fixed registration with a user name that contains accents.
  • Fixed unreliable word count.
  • Scraps are no longer considered in Global Search if Scraps option is not checked.
  • Improved summary lines for Global Search.
  • Fixed zooming in Collage Scrap under Windows.
  • Fixed a bug in the text editor whereby changing attributes for a paragraph with a named style created a new paragraph style missing some of the original attributes.
  • StoryLines projects exported as text files now have BOM three-byte identifier if they are encoded as UTF-8 and "Use BOM" is specified in the Encodings dialog. Text files are also now exported using the appropriate line ending.
  • Added support for AppSupportFilesDir key to startup.cnf, to allow separation of the executable (writerscafe.exe) and its support files (such as writerscafe.bin). Also added %APPDIR% substitution to allow AppSupportFilesDir and ConfigLocation to be defined in terms of the current executable location.
  • Added a distribution compatible with PortableApps.com.

Version 2.17, October 24th 2008

  • Fixed a crash when level details have been changed directly after creating a new project.
  • Fixed a problem on non-Windows platforms when extensions weren't specified by the user when creating new journals and notebooks.
  • Fixed a hang when message dialogs conflict with the splash screen on startup.
  • Fixed an ODT export problem with line breaks in descriptions.
  • Fixed search within scrap content in global search dialog.
  • Fixed a problem with Croatian input.
  • Fixed a bug when inserting a Transition Out into content.

Version 2.16, October 6th 2008

  • Fixed "Delete Column" command in Section context menu to only delete one column, not prompt for several to delete.
  • Fixed "New Section" command when used at the beginning of an existing section.
  • Fixed an input bug in the styled text editor and removed Alt+N and Alt+C shortcuts on Mac to allow special symbol input, for example using the Polish Pro input source.
  • Fixed a problem when exporting nested lists to OpenDocument.

Version 2.15, September 28th 2008

  • Clicking on report links now scrolls the relevant outline item into view.
  • A bug in the Global Search has been fixed, so Journals and Notebooks are now searched correctly.
  • The report now reflects recent typing in the current card more reliably than before.
  • Journal calendar now stays on top properly on Windows.
  • Ctrl+Back and Ctrl+Delete now work as expected in a styled text control, deleting a word in front of or behind the cursor.
  • Changed Ctrl+Back to Shift+Ctrl+Back for Browser Back shortcut.
  • Added Shift+Alt+Left and Shift+Alt+Right for navigating to the previous or next card regardless of storyline.
  • Fixed update of location (Summary window) and characters (Players window) comboboxes when locations and characters are changed.
  • Fixed a crash in browser (on Windows) when navigating to a directory.
  • Fixed a bug where the name following a dot in a network path name was confused with an extension, causing problems when creating a new Scrapbook.
  • Corrected a bug with list indentation in text scraps.
  • Fixed a problem with parentheses in the Summary pane.
  • Fixed StoryLines document structure problems when deleting a column, and when inserting a new level.
  • Improved print size on Linux for displays with unusual DPI.
  • Fixed a bug in last StoryLines file loading.

Version 2.14, August 22nd 2008

  • First official release.
  • Added text foreground and background customization to the Appearance Preferences dialog, and ensured caret can be seen against a dark background.
  • Fixed some list style bugs.
  • Improved drop-down style selector rendering.

Version 2.13, August 18th 2008

  • Changing a desktop tool title now changes the icon caption.
  • Fixed restoring custom books when Writer's Café restarts, and fixed custom book links when adding non-HTB book.
  • Dragging cards within a column in the StoryLines outline now reorders the cards (as shown on the master storyline) as expected.
  • In pinboard, fixed image sizing when there's a caption, and removed the resize triangle if not selected.
  • Shows the appropriate tool if passing a project to the command line.
  • Improved storyline label appearance.
  • Added Pinboard.wcp and MedicalDrama.stk samples.
  • Added "Colour background" option under "Show Card Annotations".
  • Added Print Margins dialog on Mac (only).
  • Fixed print overlay bug on Mac.
  • Fixed Standard Filters behaviour in Backup Manager.
  • Added word count to journal and notebook.
  • Added workspaces submenu to Start menu, for more convenient access.
  • Fixed HTML file launching on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed a bug in opening StoryLines projects from Recent StoryLines.
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in storyline window.
  • Added first draft of German UI translation.

Version 2.12, July 18th 2008

  • Fixed a bug loading a workspace in StoryLines-only mode.
  • Fixed a crash on exit after starting the timer.
  • Fixed vertical scrolling bug in workspace window and made Organiser more compact.
  • Added ability to set the minimum desktop size, so that scrollbars are added if necessary.
  • Spelling checker now treats Word-style left and right quotation marks correctly as separators.
  • Spelling checker now saves card content before checking spelling.
  • The StoryLines "Add/Delete Section" commands now uses the correct section terminology as defined in the structure definition.
  • Removed F10 slideshow shortcut as it can have operating system specific meaning; also moved the slideshow command to the Scrapbook menu.
  • Fixed some problems showing the Scrapbook slideshow on Linux.
  • Changed standard shortcuts for major tools to use Ctrl instead Alt, for better Linux compatibility. Also added Shift+Ctrl+Home as an alternative to Ctrl+1.
  • Changed Alt+N new card shortcut to Shift+Ctrl+C for better Linux compatibility. Alt+N still works on Windows and Mac.
  • If no window has the focus on startup, sets the focus for the current window. This affects Linux in particular and makes shortcuts work in full-screen mode without having to click on a window first.
  • Added an optional close button next to tools, for hiding the current tool.
  • Added a drop shadow for open tools on the Desktop.
  • Added individual icons for file types on Windows and Linux.
  • Added safer writing of files so that if a write operation fails (for example, a USB drive has been unplugged) the user can still quit.
  • Hiding a desktop tool now works.
  • Card statistics now shows column word count, and "Include hidden storylines" option in StoryLines Preferences determines whether hdden storylines are counted in the statistics.
  • Fix for Linux wizard image glitch on small screens, and also missing field bugs on small screens.
  • Changed default window background to grey texture.
  • Del now works on Pinboard and Desktop. Fixed a command updating problem on Pinboard and Desktop.
  • Fixed fullscreen crash when in StoryLines-only mode.
  • Fixed notebook or journal showing when starting exercise.

Version 2.11, June 20th 2008

  • Changed the tabbed preferences dialog to a tree-controlled dialog, and added Privacy and Browser preferences pages.
  • Enabled the print button in the Bookshelf.
  • Added a calendar view for the Journal, showing which days have entries.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting the first section in a StoryLines project.
  • Tarball installer now installs ICEWM start menu if an Eee PC is detected. The installer also removes the existing install directory which avoids a reboot before running the executable (previously it would segfault on the Eee PC after overwriting the executable).
  • Changed to the keyword dialog to edit Transitions In, Transitions Out, Locations and Times. These are now stored globally and not per document. Added Locations and Times to Content script menu.
  • Made pinboard note context menus more consistent, and fixed a couple of premature caption and content editing bugs.
  • Added Setup Wizard, run on first launch or later from the View menu.
  • Added tooltip feedback when launching an external application from the desktop.
  • Fixed a toolbar bug on Mac (most tools in the main toolbar were disabled).
  • Fixed a bug in recognising filenames from a foreign OS in mobile mode (for example reading Windows filenames after plugging the external drive into a Linux system).

Version 2.10, June 7th 2008

  • The tool tabs are now optional (see General preferences), but by default, there are no tabs and the home window, menubar and toolbar are used to navigate between tools.
  • Replaced the home window HTML tool display with a configurable desktop interface. The Journal, Notebook, Names, and Cookies are now displayed on the desktop.
  • Added Slideshow Note (a sequence of images) to Pinboard.
  • Print selection dialogs now work with small screens.
  • Printing size improved, especially on Mac.
  • Find/replace dialog now works in the Floating Card Editor.
  • The preferred image format setting (General Preferences) now works for pasting into styled text controls, so you can keep your project file size smaller by selecting JPEG. Also, large images are resized.

Version 2.09, May 23rd 2008

  • Removing a file from favourites now prompts for deletion from disk.
  • Removed option to use a non-styled text editor for StoryLines Content.
  • Fixed a crash when formatting labels in the collage scrap.
  • Fixed a focus bug in the Floating Card Editor and disabled inapplicable formatting commands.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a StoryLines project and checking Edit Details.
  • Fixed Navigator display for a large number of storylines, and added left click and drag actions for scrolling to a column.
  • Added image-only mode to Card Display Policy and corrected conversion from old StoryLines file.
  • Double newlines removed from rich text fields when converting from old files, since there is inter-paragraph spacing by default.
  • The context help window no longer goes off the edge of the screen.
  • Fixed disabled arrow and enter keys in Summary.
  • Fixed missing drop-down list in annotations on Linux.
  • Added ability to register Writer's Café from a file on the CD.
  • Added 'Print This' and image printing support to Pinboard.
  • Added report template edit button to StoryLines export report and print selection dialogs.
  • Moved samples and other files from outside the Mac bundle, to make the bundle more self-contained.

Version 2.08, May 5th 2008

  • Significantly improved text editor performance.
  • Cancelling Duplicate Sheet dialog no longer creates a sheet with no name.
  • Added Page break after this section option to Level Details dialog (page breaks work with HTML output only).
  • Added Pinboard filter to Backup Manager filter dialog and default file set.
  • Updates Players correctly on Undo/Redo.
  • Checking tags in card editor now sets document modified flag correctly.
  • Resolved a conflict between the two types of full screen mode.
  • Fixed level drop-down refresh after altering level structure.
  • Fixed problems loading file histories for pinboard, notebook and journal.
  • Fixed a crash when creating a new sheet.
  • Fixed a bug in statistics when loading old StoryLines file.
  • Notebook and journal now restore the last cursor position for each page.
  • Content and summary cursor positions now saved.
  • Removed pinboard menu in StoryLines-only mode.
  • Enabled page setup in notebook, journal and pinboard.
  • Enabled scrolling for some dialogs that were too large on small screens.
  • Added Card label style to Level Properties dialog, to allow card and column labels in the outline to be customised separately.
  • Made the Names window scrollable for small displays.
  • Fixed a problem with a configuration attempting to load a journal as a notebook.
  • Added context menu for the area surrounding editors and the StoryLines report window, with a dialog for conveniently setting the maximum width and surrounding colour or texture.
  • Added overall font and window appearance menu items to all styled text controls.
  • Added StoryLines document integrity checking after each operation with error dialog and option to fix the document.
  • Fixed Pinboard style sheet handling.
  • Replaced the Collage image import dialog with the updated image browser dialog.

Version 2.07, April 16th 2008

  • Corrected installation script on Linux to run writerscafe2 instead of writerscafe.
  • Corrected 'More' menu accelerators on Linux.
  • Corrected Undo/Redo menu command updating on Linux.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a new StoryLines section.
  • StoryLines column deletion checks that not all columns will be deleted, and that the deleted columns don't span multiple sections.
  • Fixed a crash on Linux when saving a file after adding a link between cards.
  • Fixed inability to change font or point size from drop-down controls if text with several different fonts or point sizes was selected.
  • Fixed visual problem when clicking on pin button when help window is maximized.
  • Fixed problem on Linux with a different level being shown when moving a card (so cards seem to vanish).
  • Moving cards retains the last outline selection.
  • Fixed sizing problem in Journal and Notebook when changing maximum window width.
  • Fixed a Journal and Notebook refresh problem when changing pages.
  • Fixed a problem loading workspaces (omitted StoryLines and Pinboard files).
  • Fixed disappearing card annotation images in HTML export.
  • Fixed Show Annotations menu command.
  • Fixed several incorrect dialog parents when in full-screen mode.
  • Fixed crash when opening old StoryLines file and exporting to OpenDocument.
  • Added Browse Samples command to Help menu.
  • Worked around a memory leak on Linux that would eventually cause lockup.
  • Text scraps now preserve their last caret position.
  • Fixed bug in CHM generation.
  • Now reflects level name change in level list (standard structure definitions dialog, sheet properties dialog).
  • Fixed crash bugs when changing storylines and structure when creating a new StoryLines project.
  • Improved image browser responsiveness for large numbers of images, showing all files before updating thumbnails and speeding up JPEG thumbnail loading. The relative window sizes are now remembered.
  • Made stored filenames, such as last loaded projects, more resistant to changing drives and operating systems.
  • Pinboard notes now show their captions in a different colour when they are focused. Toolbar commands now operate on focused note and not just the current selection.
  • Added Privacy Preferences dialog to the View menu for clearing histories and the image cache.
  • Added Previous button to Tip dialog.

Version 2.06, April 1st 2008

  • First public beta.

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