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Getting Started Guide
This is the Getting Started guide for Writer's Café in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, bundled with the product for you to print out or read online. You might like to read it here too, to give yourself a better idea of what it's all about.

Writer's Café on the Move
Read about how Writer's Café is a great solution for people on the move, whether moving between desktops using a USB memory key, or storing your projects on the latest ultra-portable netbook.

Fiction: The Facts
This 60-page e-book by Harriet Smart, co-designer of Writer's Café and author of five novels published by Headline, is a friendly introduction to the essential techniques of storytelling, whether you're writing novels, screenplays or short stories. It's bundled with Writer's Café in PDF and Writer's Café Bookshelf formats and can be read by registered users.

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