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Upgrade to Writer's Café 2 or Jutoh 3

If you are a registered Writer's Café 1 user, you can buy an upgrade to Writer's Café 2 online by clicking on one of the secure links below.

Information about new features in Writer's Café 2 can be found here.

Alternatively, you can upgrade your copy of Writer's Café 1 or 2 to our ebook editing and formatting tool Jutoh 3 for a modest price. Jutoh 3 has a similar planning tool to StoryLines, called the Storyboard, plus writing exercises, inspirational quotations, and an updated version of Harriet Smart's Fiction: The Facts ebook. It also runs on macOS Catalina, unlike Writer's Café. Just go to the Buy Jutoh page and choose the Jutoh 3 Upgrade.

Note that users who have bought Writer's Café 1 after May 1st 2008 are entitled to a free upgrade (as a download only). Recent download purchases already provide a key compatible with the new version. If you are entitled to a free upgrade, and your existing key does not work with Writer's Café 2, please email us. If you bought Writer's Café 1 from a place other than this site (for example on CD from Amazon) after May 1st 2008, we will still offer you a free key for the new version if you can supply proof of purchase.

There is no upgrade specifically for the student version; students can upgrade by buying another student licence for version 2 at the Buy page.

For downloads (only), the following prices exclude VAT. When buying via BlueSnap, you will be shown the full price including VAT at the appropriate rate for your country. To avoid paying VAT, enter your company name and your EU VAT code including your country ID as the first two letters (for example, GB for the United Kingdom), followed by 9 numbers, without spaces. For example, GB123456789.

Please read the terms and conditions.

You will be sent a registration key with which to unlock the demo version of Writer's Café, which you can download here.

If you have questions about Writer's Café, please see the support page.

Writer's Café edition Click to buy
Writer's Café Upgrade
$25.00 U.S. / £15.00 / €18.00 excl. VAT

Do consider upgrading to Jutoh 3 instead!

To unlock Writer's Café, a registration key will be provided to use with your own name.

Purchase Writer's Café NOW at www.bluesnap.com

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