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HelpBlocks 1.24 for Windows

HelpBlocks for Windows is about two megabytes in size.

HelpBlocks 1.24 for Mac OS X

When opening HelpBlocks for the first time, control-click and use Open. You may need to do this twice before it lets you run HelpBlocks.

HelpBlocks 1.24 for Linux

HelpBlocks for Linux is about 6 MB in size.

64-bit packages for recent systems, compiled on Ubuntu 18.14

With this distribution, on some systems you may also need to download libpng16. If Jutoh does not run, search for libpng16 in your package manager and install it.

64-bit packages for older systems, compiled on Ubuntu 8.04

With this distribution, you may also need to download the libpng12 compatibility library, as described here.

32-bit packages for older systems, compiled on Ubuntu 8.04

With this distribution, you may also need to download the libpng12 compatibility library, as described here.

HelpBlocks 1.22 for FreeBSD 7.0

HelpBlocks for FreeBSD is about 6 MB in size.

HelpBlocks 1.22 for Solaris 10 (x86)

HelpBlocks for Solaris is about 4 MB in size.

Here's some other software you may be interested in downloading:

Anthemion HelpView

Anthemion HelpView is an application for displaying pages of help in a conveniently packaged form. It looks similar to Microsoft HTML Help, but is available on multiple platforms, not just Windows.

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

HelpBlocks can generate Windows HTML Help files, if you download and install Microsoft's HTML Help Workshop.

What's new

Version 1.24, December 16th 2019

  • Importing from hhp now works better for non-English languages.
  • Added a 64-bit version for macOS.

Version 1.23, October 28th 2013

  • Fixed a bug causing garbled error messages from the preprocessor.
  • Corrected loading of the Tag Catalog after writing in the Unicode build of HelpBlocks.
  • Added "Topic id start" and "HTML page base name" settings to the Project page of the Settings dialog.
  • Fixed a libpng linking problem on Linux (switched to dynamic linking from static).
  • HelpBlocks is now installed to /opt on Linux instead of /usr/share.

Version 1.22, January 28th 2010

  • Now converts non-ASCII symbols to entities, to make it easier to edit content in languages other than English.
  • wxHTML Help .hhp files are now written in the correct encoding.

Version 1.21, September 24th 2008

  • Compiled against wxWidgets 2.8.8, fixing a bug with Alt+Enter accelerator on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug searching for the last text on a page.
  • Can now use "\\n" in a search string to represent a newline.
  • Changed blue document title colour to grey.
  • Fixed bugs opening multiple projects.
  • Added further Linux distribution formats and improved installation behaviour.
  • Adapted dialogs to be small-display friendly.

Version 1.20, November 14th 2007

  • Compiled against wxWidgets 2.8.6.
  • Now caters for duplicate keywords in Index tab of settings dialog.
  • Fixed Latin 2 HHC generation on Windows.
  • Fixed hang bug when trying to generate a new project filename.

Version 1.19, September 23rd 2006

  • Fixed crash on Linux after editing macros in Settings dialog.
  • Recompiled with wxWidgets 2.6.3+ on Linux and 2.7 on Mac to take advantage of wxWidgets bug fixes.
  • Added FreeBSD 6.1 to the list of supported platforms.

Version 1.18, February 20th 2006

  • Fixed Unicode bugs when viewing or creating from templates.

Version 1.17, January 13th 2006

  • Added encoding and language specifications for CHM contents files, using the Encodings dialog accessible from the Project Settings dialog.
  • Added Red Hat Fedora Core 4 to the list of supported platforms.

Version 1.16, November 24th 2005

  • Now prompts for filename when generating single-file HTML or Windows CE Help files.
  • Fixed topic name in Windows CE Help file keywords.
  • Added page break option to document properties, and _PAGE_BREAK macro definition that is defined if a page break is required.
  • Added a How To topic on generating monolithic help for printed manuals.
  • Fixed file corruption when creating a new project from a HTB template.
  • Fixed marking of document as edited when shift or control was pressed.
  • Prepared for Unicode version with forward compatibility.
  • The XML format has been rewritten for greater speed and version control friendliness.
  • Moved the "Save As XML" option to the project settings page, and it is now per project instead of global.

Version 1.15, April 10th 2005

  • Fixed a bug in generating ID parameters in hhc files.

Version 1.14, February 2nd 2005

  • Fixed a page template bug.
  • Fixed image selector bug.

Version 1.13, January 29th 2005

  • Fixed a bug when setting the HTML font size and a page is not being viewed.
  • Added new Page settings tab, and Use Automatic Header and Footer setting.
  • Added Use auto header and footer option to page document properties dialog, to allow the user to override the project setting.
  • Added Ctrl+Enter shortcut for viewing document properties.
  • Added Show document creation dialog option to general settings dialog.
  • Added Default image format option to general settings dialog.
  • Importing images now has a shortcut, Alt+I.
  • The current image import directory is remembered.
  • Some bugs with image filename changing have been fixed; if the extension and file type don't match, the extension overrides the selected type.
  • Some sanity checking is done when changing an image title/filename from the document caption.
  • When changing the image filename in the properties dialog, the title changes immediately.
  • When importing an image, and the image is already in the project directory, a new copy is not taken.
  • No longer converts filename to short form on Windows when invoking from Explorer.

Version 1.12, July 30th 2004

  • HTD and HTM files now both get deleted when the page is deleted.
  • If HelpBlocks doesn't find a file in the project, the user will at least be able to save new text.
  • The user will be asked to retry save operations that didn't work the first time, to reduce the chance of work being lost.
  • Fixed a problem with drag and drop.
  • Fixed a bug in project import.

Version 1.11, July 20th 2004

  • Improved support for documents within folders.

Version 1.10, March 25th 2004

  • Fixed HHP import and URL dialog bugs due to broken HTML parsing.
  • Fixed a bug in conversion to XPM.

Version 1.09, March 21st 2004

  • Problem with ordering of HHK file generation corrected.
  • Fixed bad tooltips on Windows (long description now appears in the status bar).
  • Now scrolls to correct anchor within page during navigation.
  • Prompts before overwriting am existing file when a .htd file is renamed. Also erases the HTML output file after a rename.
  • Doesn't try to autocomplete elements inappropriately.
  • Added Save As XML option in general settings, to specify that projects should be saved in a human-readable text format. HelpBlocks will now auto-detect binary or XML type when opening a project file.
  • Changed document titlebar colour to a stronger blue.
  • Image document now has a toolbar.
  • Prompts before overwriting an image file when renaming.
  • Conversion to XPM can cope with more colours.

Version 1.08, January 6th 2004

  • If the command line filename parameter is relative, prepends the current directory.
  • Regenerates the HHK file using page titles if the index file is missing.
  • Import from HHP recognises subdirectories.
  • Bugs with creation from template fixed.

Version 1.07

  • Fixed a crash when adding URL document.

Version 1.06

  • Worked around crash in Scintilla control.

Version 1.05

  • Fixed crash bug in New Project wizard.

Version 1.04

  • Fixed problem with multiple projects being opened even if this was switched off in the settings dialog.
  • Find and replace now saves the results of the replace.

Version 1.03

  • Ensures that MS HTML HHC files don't have extra params that cause the help compiler to ignore topics in the contents.

Version 1.02

  • Adds the ability to specify a topic name for each HTML page, which can be used with the integer version of wxHelpController::DisplaySection.

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