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Anthemion HelpBlocks is an HTML authoring tool specifically designed for writing cross-platform application help, generating Microsoft HTML Help and wxWidgets HTML Help files.

With HelpBlocks, you can:

  • easily create a hierarchical structure appropriate for your manual;
  • write HTML rapidly with the aid of a syntax-highlighting editor, macro preprocessor and HTML element catalog;
  • preview your help file as you work;
  • create a keyword index for your help file;
  • generate and view Microsoft HTML Help and wxWidgets HTML Help files.

HelpBlocks provides tools to help make writing your manual as straightforward as possible. Auto-complete and an attribute editor speed up HTML element insertion. Specialised dialogs allow quick selection of page references, images and colours. Project and page templates make light work of creating new projects and pages.

If you have an existing MS HTML Help project, you can import it when you create a new HelpBlocks project.

And of course, HelpBlocks is cross-platform - edit your files on Windows, Linux or Mac.

For more details, please see HelpBlocks Features.

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