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About HelpBlocks

Why was HelpBlocks created?
HelpBlocks was written to address the need for creating online help for multiple platforms. Because it is geared specifically to generating help files, it can be made much easier to use than a general HTML editor.

Is HelpBlocks just for wxWidgets applications?
No, HelpBlocks can be used in conjunction with any toolkit. wxWidgets HTML Help can be used as a standalone viewer.

What platforms are supported by HelpBlocks?
  • All recent 32-bit desktop Microsoft Windows platforms - that's Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista.
  • i386 Linux with GTK+ 2 installed.
  • Mac OS 10.3.9 and above.

What hardware is required by HelpBlocks?
Hardware requirements are modest: 100MHz Pentium, 256-colour or greater video card, 32MB RAM, 4MB hard disk space.

What tools were used to develop HelpBlocks?
HelpBlocks is programmed with the popular open source (free) GUI toolkit, wxWidgets, created in 1992 by HelpBlocks' author, Julian Smart. wxWidgets is being used by organisations large and small all over the world.

Licensing, Support and Privacy

How much does HelpBlocks cost?
Please see the purchase page for pricing information.

Will upgrades be free?
All HelpBlocks upgrades and bug fixes in the same major version will be free. You can download new versions of HelpBlocks as many times as you like.

Do I pay for each operating system I run HelpBlocks on?
Each separate user must buy a separate copy, one copy each. But if you want to run HelpBlocks on both Windows and Linux, for example, then you only pay once. The license is not tied to a particular operating system.

What's the license for generated files?
All generated files are the property of the user and can be issued under any desired license.

Can I use the same registration key for HelpBlocks both at home and at work?
Absolutely. You can use the same registered copy of HelpBlocks on multiple machines so long as only one copy is being used at a time. In fact we'd very much encourage you to install HelpBlocks wherever you can take a few minutes to do some writing.

What do I do if I've lost my registration key?
Email support@anthemion.co.uk and we'll find your key.

How can I get support?
Please see the Support page.

Are you responsive to suggestions?
Yes! Anthemion Software is a small, friendly company and we are delighted to receive feedback from our users. We want to build the best-of-breed tools so getting back 'reports from the field' will help us to serve you better.

What is your privacy policy?
At Anthemion Software, we only store enough information about our customers to be able to communicate with them for support. We do not receive any information about customers' credit cards or bank accounts, and we do not share any information with third-party companies.

No personal information is taken by or stored on our web sites, since we use the secure web site of a third-party payment service to take payment and notify us of the customer's name and their email address. You may read the privacy policy of this service (2Checkout) when you are on their payment page, but they will take the minimum amount of information for the purposes of completing payment.

The HelpBlocks software works completely offline. It stores the customer's user name and HelpBlocks key for the purpose of activating itself.

Please email us at support@anthemion.co.uk for further information or to remove your information from our records.

Technical Issues

How can I learn more about the preprocessor?
The preprocessor used by HelpBlocks is a modified version of gpp. Please see the gpp web site for detailed information.

What if I want a PDF version of my manual?
HelpBlocks does not support this directly, but you can use an application such as HTMLDOC to convert your HTML files to PDF or PostScript.

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