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DialogBlocks DialogBlocks
DialogBlocks is an easy to use yet powerful dialog editor for wxWidgets developers, for quickly creating portable, resizeable and attractive dialogs. Buy it with HelpBlocks and save money.

wxWidgets is a well-known open source GUI toolkit.

gpp is the preprocessor used by HelpBlocks.

HelpView is the standalone version of wxWidgets HTML Help.

Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
HelpBlocks needs this free application to be present in order to generate MS HTML Help files.

Using HTML Help from Visual Basic 5/6
A class to help you show CHM files from within Visual Basic 5/6.

Include the class file clsHTMLHelp.cls in your project file.

If you want to load the help file from several different forms, then declare the class in a module: Public hHelp as New HTMLHelp.

Place your help file in the folder as your exe or project file. In you main form load event include the code:

App.HelpFile = App.Path & "\" & helpFileName
where helpFileName is a string holding the name of your help file.

Then when you want to load the help file, say in a menu selection, include the following code:

With hHelp
.CHMFile = App.HelpFile
.HHWindow = ""
End With
This will load the default page of your help file along with the table of contents. There are many more options available using this class. For example, you can load a particular link in your help file if you want. There is a help file included with the class with instructions for its use. Best of all, it's free!

In your form unload or form terminate event procedure include the code:

set hHelp = nothing

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