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PC Plus Performance Award We are delighted to announce that DialogBlocks received a Performance Award in the August 2005 issue of the UK magazine, PC Plus.

What customers say

"I have been using DialogBlocks extensively for about a week, and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am. DialogBlocks makes GUI-building easy, like it should be. At first I was hesitant to edit the generated files in Visual Studio, figuring that DialogBlocks' parser might have trouble with my changes, but now I'm editing with impunity. Drag-and-drop support is fabulous. DialogBlocks is the best GUI editor I've used. ...Thanks a million." - Mark

"Just wanted to say what a fine product Dialog Blocks is for writing new apps from scratch. I was able to be productive pretty much from day 1 - good intuitive structure aimed at the experienced wxWidgets user. Excellent job!" - Jon

"Very happy with DialogBlocks. Very quick to write multi platform apps. Great work on the entire system. Wish I'd found it sooner!" - David

"I really love this program. Actually the best and most intuitive development tool since Turbo Pascal IDE was introduced a long time ago." - Ake

"The reason I am writing is I am an avid fan of your DialogBlocks. I simply can't do without it. It's a wonderful piece of software, and a necessary addition to my coding toolkit." - Tyler

"I must say that DialogBlocks is the best RAD-Tool for wxWidgets! I have tested many others... All these tools are toys, missing many features and break the workflow in many situations." - Frank

"I just want to thank you so very much for your work with DialogBlocks, it is simply the best tool I have ever used in terms of programming. It makes creating applications much quicker, and for that I would like to commend you on your hard efforts." - Matthew

"BTW, we've done all dialogs with DialogBlocks. I think it all came out very nicely. Using DB to build the dialogs was a real pleasure." - Mike

"I wanted to tell you that I bought DialogBlocks a month or so ago when I started on a new programming project for my brother's business. I have to say that it is light years ahead of [alternate product name supplied]. What DialogBlocks does with menus, toolbars, wizards, panels and the like is just remarkable. So, great work on DB, you've made me a believer! Everyone writing wxWidgets apps should have DB." - Kevin

"This morning I gave a presentation and demo, of our application, to our primary stakeholder. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the application was a huge success. I owe a debt of gratitude and thanks to you for DialogBlocks, wxWidgets and all of your patience and support over the last few months." - John

"Thanks for the great product. I love DialogBlocks and wxWidgets. I've stopped using Microsoft's and Borland's products now in favor of wxWidgets." - Isaac

"Without DialogBlocks we would still be plodding away trying to code all the dialogs and panels by hand; the productivity increase allowed us to focus on the important things... like who buys lunch and who rewrites the thread controller. Supporting both C++ and XRC was one of the points that made our decision to buy it much easier." - Landon

"I'm trying out DialogBlocks for the first time. It has taken me an hour to do what would have taken me a day to do before, very nice." - Bob

"Together with DialogBlocks I needed practically no time to get used to wxWidgets, I have found everything I wish for. What is great about DialogBlocks: the defaults really make sense. I can combine several sizers, insert some control and everything looks great." - Andreas

"I must say that my initial impression is... Wow! It looks really nice - and being an extreme wxWidgets newbie - looking at the generated C++ code has been a real treat." - Jeff

"Thank you very much for your quick response. I must thank you for making this great program. Helps make my job much faster!" - Mikko

"I have just downloaded and tried the latest version of DialogBlocks, and it is really an amazingly good piece of software. It rocks!" - Nicolas

"It's made my job a lot easier. I was really worried about getting my dialogs looking right. I'm not particularly talented when it comes to GUI's, I'm more of an engine programmer but, with your tool, I'm doing pretty well. The cutting and pasting of specific sizers and their contents has been a god-send. It really lets me try many variations of dialogs." - Conrad

"Thanks for your DialogBlocks software, it's the best wxWidgets dialog editor around." - Philippe

"I bought DialogBlocks this week and am finding it extremely useful." - Neil

"I have been using DialogBlocks and it is excellent. It is making things much easier for me." - Paul

"Just noticed that you released 1.26, and this has some more fixes and suggestions of mine. Good work." - Nick

"Just purchased DialogBlocks and am already using it heavily." - Terry

"I decided to try out DialogBlocks, and wow...that thing is better than Visual Studio, in my opinion!" - Un-Thesis

"Kudos... it helped me make a decision between Qt and wxWidgets. I liked both, but the cost differential along with the productivity allowed through DialogBlocks was a no brainer for me." - Patrick

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