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You can buy DialogBlocks online by clicking on one of the secure links below. Frequently asked questions about DialogBlocks are answered in the FAQ.

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When you have purchased DialogBlocks, or if you're thinking of buying it, you may wish to subscribe to the anthemion-devtools mailing list to receive information about new releases and discuss DialogBlocks with other users.

Please note: European customers will be charged VAT. To avoid paying VAT, enter your company name and your EU VAT code including your country ID as the first two letters (for example, GB for the United Kingdom), followed by 9 numbers, without spaces. For example, GB123456789.

Students can get a 50% discount by using the coupon DBSTUDENT.

When you have purchased DialogBlocks, you will be sent an email containing a user name and registration key to unlock the DialogBlocks demo. When you've registered, you can download ImageBlocks for free.

DialogBlocks edition Price Click here to buy
DialogBlocks 2012

This is the full version.

$90 Buy DialogBlocks Now
DialogBlocks + HelpBlocks

Anthemion HelpBlocks is an easy-to-use HTML help editor for writing MS HTML Help and wxWidgets HTML Help. Purchase it together with DialogBlocks to save around $33.

$137 Buy DialogBlocks and HelpBlocks Now

If you have questions about DialogBlocks, please see the support page.

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