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DialogBlocks Historical Release Notes

Version 3.19, April 6th 2007

  • Fixed a crash in project file saving when encoding conversion fails.
  • Fixed a bug whereby DialogBlocks interprets System encoding as the current locale encoding instead of UTF-8 as documented.
  • Now hides output window after cleaning, if specified by "Hide output window after build".
  • Added ability to create a custom control based on an existing control class.
  • Fixed tooltip and help text XRC generation for top-level elements.
  • DialogBlocks now regenerates RC file at makefile generation time if the RC file is not found on disk (useful when sending standalone .pjd files, for example).
  • Added Default property to wxBitmapButton.

Version 3.18, March 26th 2007

  • Changed default wxWidgets version and manual to 2.8.3.
  • Added Setup Wizard to establish some commonly needed settings.
  • Added Gravity property to wxSplitterWindow.
  • Added DBPROJECTS path for specifying the default project path.
  • Fixed encoding issue when loading external symbol files.
  • Added separate XRC Encoding setting.
  • Added test for encoding failure to fix a crash when an inappropriate conversion is specified.
  • Fixed a problem clicking on toolbar tools in the editor.
  • When modifying source code in an independent element, now saves that file when saving the project (e.g. with Ctrl+S).

Version 3.17, March 19th 2007

  • Added auto-save and recovery on startup.
  • Fixed project problem detection so it also works when opening recent files.
  • Fixed a problem with shrinking comboboxes in the DialogBlocks main toolbar on Mac.
  • Fixed a wxGridBagSizer display problem with non-zero column spacing.

Version 3.16, March 15th 2007

  • Fixed a bug under Linux where clicking on Reference caused the mouse capture to be lost.
  • Added ability to automatically append suffix to an identifier name, and added global option to make the identifier name from the member variable name.
  • Fixed a crash when pasting a second sizer into a frame and then removing it.
  • Fixed a crash when removing a notebook from a toolbar.
  • Fixed bug creating a wxChoicebook.
  • Fixed bug in renaming destructor when the class name changes.
  • Fixed bug in reassignment of identifier values: now renumbers consecutively.
  • Added BUILDPATHS to makefiles so if output and object paths are different, they will both be created.
  • Clarified the message displayed when detecting a wxWidgets version conflict.
  • Fixed a bug importing wxMenu and wxMenuBar XRC resources.
  • Fixed blank imported resource titles if the title is present but empty in the XRC.
  • Disabled Rename Document context menu item for projects.
  • Improved the Configurations page in the New Project wizard.
  • Extension .pjd added for new projects even if using a template.

Version 3.15, February 26th 2007

  • Now checks for unrecognised elements on opening, and gives the option of deleting unrecognised elements.
  • Adds libraries for wxRichTextCtrl and wxAUI to makefiles if the version is 2.8.0 or greater.
  • Fixed a couple of wxPropertySheetDialog code generation bugs.
  • Added "Generate AttachUnknownControl" option to Custom Control Definition dialog, to allow switching off unnecessary code generation if an XRC handler is provided.
  • Added Hover bitmap button property.
  • DialogBlocks now displays a progress dialog when loading manuals.
  • The editor for string list properties lets the user type one item per line, instead of requiring pipe characters between items.
  • Added "Static box class" to wxStaticBoxSizer, to allow custom static boxes to be used.
  • Added "Fit to content" to wxScrolledWindow properties, behaving in a similar way to wxPanel, and fixed some bugs with wxScrolledWindow when used with child controls.
  • You can now define book-like custom controls, by checking "This control is a book" in the Advanced tab of the custom control definition dialog. Pages will be displayed within a normal notebook in the DialogBlocks editor.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an element after having previously copied another element.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a source file.
  • wxGridBagSizer now takes row and column spacing into account when drawing grid lines.

Version 3.14, February 6th 2007

  • Corrected wxGrid XRC generation to use wxGrid as class.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting notebook or property sheet dialog pages (the page was recreated but the original page was not deleted).
  • Fixed code generation when using wxID_ANY identifier.
  • Fixed typo in listbook event table entry generation.
  • Focus is no longer lost when navigating to a wizard page within the project tree.
  • Wizard page code now includes wizard.h to avoid compile error when generating wizard page code in separate files.
  • Destructors are now generated, for future use.
  • Some control creation commands have been moved to new menus, Books and Pickers.
  • Fixed variable name generation when using a class with a namespace.
  • Fixed a problem with checkboxes not showing in the property editor under wxMac.
  • Fixed a crash before building if non-dialog elements were present in an element hierarchy.
  • Disallows creation of top-level elements under other elements.
  • Added "Add all images" option in XRC Generation dialog, to add all images to the archive regardless of whether they are used.
  • Fixed code generation for tab icons, so that the icons are always associated with the notebook or property sheet dialog regardless of whether the page is an independent class.

Version 3.13, December 15th 2006

  • Image names are now alphabetically sorted in the drop-down property list.
  • Fixed erroneous shift of focus from project tree to notebook pages when navigating via the keyboard.
  • Fixed a crash under Fedora Core 6 due to bug in notebook page removal.
  • Fixed a bug generating enums for all panels in a hierarchy instead of just for the current one.
  • Mac makefile content no longer generated for Cygwin makefiles.
  • XRCID added for Connect calls in XRC mode.
  • SetExtraStyle now called without OR-ing old values, since this made it impossible to override the default.

Version 3.12, November 9th 2006

  • Fixed reload prompt after modifying a panel with separate files.
  • Fixed bug in resource file encoding.
  • Fixed bugs in custom commands (only one could be invoked from the context menu, and keyword insertion didn't work in the command editor) and made it possible to apply commands from the context menu for any document.
  • Variable and event handler editors now respect the tooltip setting.
  • Images with more than 256 colours no longer lose their mask.
  • Fixed missing brace in application class's Init().
  • Added wxNB_DEFAULT style to wxNotebook.
  • Clicking on wxPropertySheetDialog tabs now shows the appropriate element.

Version 3.11, October 12th 2006

  • Added "Use enums for identifiers" option to C++ Generation dialog.
  • Now generates an Init() for each class, where member initialisation is done.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a sizer under a panel, when the sizer has further sizer siblings.
  • Fixed a crash when replacing an element.
  • Fixed typo in wxEVT_LEAVE_WINDOW.
  • Added support for wxEVT_INIT_DIALOG.
  • Now regenerates code in a timely fashion for separate-file elements after adding an event handler or building the project.
  • Corrected encoding problem in resource C++ file (containing separate menus and menubars).
  • If an identifier has mixed case, generated event function names now retain the case instead of converting to lower case.
  • Sizer outlines are now also drawn on frames.
  • Corrected hiding/disabling code generation for wxStaticBoxSizer.

Version 3.10, September 20th 2006

  • Fixed a bug whereby arguments passed to custom controls were not honouring the 'translateable' option.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on a wxStaticBoxSizer.

Version 3.09, September 18th 2006

  • All elements now have low-level events associated with them, and where event tables cannot be used (such as intercepting a mouse click event for a wxButton), calls to Connect are generated within CreateControls.
  • DialogBlocks now looks at the "Project makefile" property when choosing which configurations to add to a makefile or project file, allowing the user to have different sets of configurations for the same compiler, placed in different makefiles. For example, you could have different configuration sets for different VC++ versions.
  • Spacers and sizers can now be shown as dotted rectangles in the editor. Use Show Sizers option in the View menu to toggle sizer boundary display on and off.
  • Sizers and spacers can now be selected via the dialog editor, and not just the project tree. You can also click on the space surrounding the dialog to select the top-level element.
  • Some wxGridBagSizer bugs fixed: spacers can be moved in project tree without error messages, and column/row deletion now deletes existing elements if necessary.
  • Spacers can now be moved within a wxGridBagSizer.
  • Added option in General Settings to switch off property colouring.
  • Improved colour adaptation to current system colours on Windows.
  • Added Add Element and further Paste options to context menu in dialog editor.
  • Fixed a bug whereby element with separate files would not be regenerated automatically when building.
  • Fixed a bug whereby cleaning a wxWidgets build didn't work on Unix.

Version 3.08, September 4th 2006

  • Corrected erroneous code generation when scrolled window is an independent class.
  • Corrected looping on Linux by avoiding recent 2.6 wxScrolledWindow changes.
  • Corrected include generation for independent subwindows.
  • Clicking on an error message to view the source now works for independent classes.
  • Building the project now automatically saves an independent class's code edits.
  • Makefiles no longer contain duplicate rules if sources are repeated in the project.
  • Fixed bug whereby creating a new source file didn't correctly initialise the document.

Version 3.07, August 28th 2006

  • wxGLCanvas code generation corrected to not declare dynamic RTTI.
  • Added back "Member variable name" property to wxGridBagSizer.
  • Fixed code generation for wxSplitterWindow when using as independent class.
  • Fixed a bug relating to hidden items within wxGridBagSizer.
  • LinkIncremental in VC++ project files is now set to 0.
  • Corrected XRC loading code in OnInit() when individual XRC files are used.
  • Corrected bitmap/icon code generation for custom controls that have a "Tab icon" value.
  • Made include files relative to the current source, not to the project file location.
  • Added new Settings dialog page, Formatting, and moved Indent size and tab option to this page.
  • Added new setting, "Whitespace after function return type", to accomodate some custom formatting in the function signature. Also loosened search constraints for determining whether a function already exists, fixing a duplication bug.
  • A default font size is now output as -1 to XRC files instead of being absent, to correct problems with default fonts on some platforms.
  • Filenames in .dsp files are now quoted, to avoid problems with filenames containing spaces.
  • User is now prompted before deleting top-level element.
  • Added "Clear undo history on save" option to General Settings, affecting source and dialog editing.
  • Initializes new dialog/frame identifier name from class name.
  • Edits to non-element source files are now saved before a build.
  • Find and replace edits are recognised as modifications in source file editor.
  • Corrected problem where tabs could be replaced with empty strings if a zero indent was specified.
  • Fixed code generation for wizard pages where there is a custom base class and wxWizardPageSimple window kind.
  • Added ColumnSpacing, RowSpacing to wxGridBagSizer.
  • Added "Empty cell width", "Empty cell height" properties to wxGridBagSizer.
  • wxGridBagSizer import from XRC now works.
  • In wxGridBagSizer, can now insert a row or column if there is only one row or column.
  • Pasting now changes class names where necessary, fixing a problem where renaming a newly copied class caused the original class's functions to be renamed too.
  • Regenerate All command now regenerates code for all independent files, not just top-level elements.
  • Fixed a bug whereby symbol files would contain incorrectly named symbols.
  • Fixed a bug adding a wxListBox instead wxListbook in the Element Selector dialog.
  • Added Close Project command to project context menu.
  • Made optimization value configurable in VC++ 7, 8 project files.

Version 3.06, July 6th 2006

  • Fixed a further permissions problem.

Version 3.05, July 5th 2006

  • Fixed a crash when changing some wxGrid properties within a wxSplitterWindow.
  • Fixed a crash when hiding a child of a wxSplitterWindow.
  • Fixed an editor drag and drop crash on Linux by applying CVS 2.6 changes to src/common/dobjcmn.cpp.
  • Fixed a Unix problem where permissions of new files were not set correctly.
  • Eliminated .bak file proliferation.

Version 3.04, June 30th 2006

  • Relaxed match criterion for class declaration so the user can add mixin classes.
  • Corrected code generation bug in property sheet dialog's CreateControls when there are tab icons.
  • Fixed lack of refresh when replacing elements, if DialogBlocks is in multi-document mode.
  • Added wxEVT_CREATE support for windows.
  • Added wxEVT_ICONIZE and wxEVT_MAXIMIZE support for frames and dialogs.
  • Fixed a crash when moving a property sheet dialog page.
  • Corrected resources file code generation, including duplicate bitmap inclusion.
  • Corrected absolute positioning feedback for gauge, slider and scrollbar.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when book controls are deleted, especially after previewing.
  • Restores focus in the code editor when switching back to DialogBlocks.
  • Fixed code generation for wxGLCanvas (no default constructor).
  • Made the label of a wxStaticBoxSizer clickable for the purposes of selection, on Windows.
  • Recompiled DialogBlocks with wxWidgets 2.6.3 on Linux to avoid crash when double-clicking words in the editor.
  • Added German and US English translations on all platforms (thanks to Jan Engelhardt).

Version 3.03, June 22nd 2006

  • Added Add element and Replace element context menu items, invoking an element (window or sizer) selection dialog. Replacing an element preserves as many property values as possible. Note: this feature is experimental and no error checking is currently done to determine whether the replaced element is appropriate in this context.
  • Fixed a crash when adding controls to a toolbar.
  • Fixed cursor positioning when auto-indenting in an editor with tabs switched on.

Version 3.02, June 20th 2006

  • Now adds makefiles to the Source folder after initial generation.
  • wxStaticText now wraps text appropriately when setting the label if wrapping width is not -1.
  • Fixed EVT_LISTBOOK_PAGE_CHANGED spelling error.
  • Source file filter supports further C++ file extensions.
  • Notebooks and other book controls now automatically adjust their wxImageList size arguments according to the size of the image associated with the first page.
  • Corrected wxGridBagSizer code generation.
  • Speeded up writing text files (epecially XRC), which had got very slow in 3.0.
  • Corrected double-entry of letters when starting to edit properties on Mac, by using a corrected version of wxMac.
  • Corrected a bug that could crash wxPropertySheetDialog when switching to another element.
  • Added Unicode builds to standard configuration dialog.
  • Fixed initial display of configurations after creation of project, on Linux.

Version 3.01, June 17th 2006

  • Regeneration of makefiles fixed (was stripping out tabs).
  • wxRadioBox appearance wasn't responding immediately to strings or label changes.

Version 3.0, June 16th 2006

  • This is the first DialogBlocks 2006 release.
  • Added wxGridBagSizer support (DialogBlocks 2006 only).
  • Added wxListbook support (DialogBlocks 2006 only).
  • Added wxChoicebook support (DialogBlocks 2006 only).
  • Added wxPropertySheetDialog (DialogBlocks 2006 only).
  • Added ability to generate a C++ file embedding XRC resources (DialogBlocks 2006 only).
  • Added -D UNICODE in Unicode mode for MinGW and other compilers.
  • Added ability to provide the access keyword for custom variables defined in DialogBlocks.
  • Added vc/PlatformSDK/include, vc/PlatformSDK/lib directories for non-free Visual Studio 2005.
  • Added configuration import facility, to avoid tedious manual creation of configurations for each project.
  • Added the ability to specify filenames for nested panels and wizard pages within a dialog hierarchy, activated using the "Separate files" property.
  • Added Text File Type to project settings, allowing you to specify whether source files should be written with Unix or Windows line endings.
  • Added Indent Size and Use Tabs options to project settings for generated code, distinct from source editor options.
  • Added browse button to H, C++ and XRC code editor tabs to allow an alternate way of file specification in addition to the property editor.
  • Added the ability to base a new project file on a template project.
  • Fixed crash when deleting controls from a toolbar.
  • Fixed code generation error if only the point size is specified in a Font property.
  • Now allows keywords following the class keyword, to cater for DLL export declarations without generating a duplicate class declaration.
  • Fixed initial disable of menu in C++ menubar code generation.
  • Toolbar commands such as alignment are now undoable.
  • Added duplicate filename checking to reduce the chance of accidentally overwriting existing files.
  • Generated wizard code now adds all pages to the sizer returned by wxWizard::GetPageAreaSizer in both C++ and XRC mode, for 2.6.0 and above.
  • Can now preview wizard in XRC mode.
  • Fixed a problem with wxWizard page display in editor (controls on different pages showing simultaneously).
  • Added "Member variable name" property to wxMenu.
  • Fixed code generation bug where included XPM images are in a different directory than the source file.
  • Added "Enable universal binaries" for GCC settings (Mac).
  • Added the topic "How to customize your configurations".
  • Eliminated obsolete --rez command for Mac builds.
  • Passes parent window instead of NULL to window created for "Show window" action.
  • Now adds content initialisation block if not found when generating XRC that contains foreign windows, in order to call AttachUnknownControl.
  • Wizard pages can now have a custom base class.
  • wxBK_... style constants are used for book controls if specified wxWidgets version is 2.7.0 or above.
  • Fixed bug when loading .ico files on Unix.
  • Fixed bug building (not rebuilding) using Visual Studio 2005.
  • Fixed wxWidgets problem with process execution on Intel Macs that made DialogBlocks fail to detect build process termination.
  • Now gives an error message if DialogBlocks could not write to a makefile, for example if the user is currently viewing it.
  • Generates better code for %AUTO%,usersuppliedoption if %AUTO% is empty.
  • Better support for controls inside wxScrolledWindow; now generates a FitInside call for a wxScrolledWindow containing a sizer. Please note that wxMac has problems with scrolling controls.
  • Fixed allocation of window identifiers in XRC import.
  • XRC import of foreign controls now sets the class name correctly.
  • XRC import now takes account of custom control definitions.
  • XRC import of unrecognised styles saves these styles in the "Custom styles" property.
  • XRC import of foreign or custom controls no longer gives an error message.
  • XRC import recognises wizards now.
  • Added "Initial value" property for wxRadioBox.
  • Added "Minimum pane size" property for wxSplitterWindow.
  • DialogBlocks now allows the user to open an XRC file without explicit importing, and creates an accompanying project file automatically.
  • Clicking on a notebook tab displays the properties for that page.
  • Encodings now default to the more usual ISO-8859-1 for source, and either ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8 for the project depending on ANSI/Unicode DialogBlocks build.
  • Generates warning if the encoding of the source file doesn't match the source encoding specified in the Project setting dialog.
  • New files under Sources are added in alphabetical order.
  • Added "Always generate XRC" XRC generation option, to allow the user to switch off time-consuming XRC generation if there is no XRC filename associated with that element.
  • Fixed spontaneous outline label change when previewing.
  • Added option to switch off image previews (.prv files).
  • Now shows the expanded value for the selected property under the configuration properties window.
  • Changed default optimization flag for gcc and MinGW from -O2 to -O since -O2 may generate wrong code.
  • Added a new sample, Elements.pjd, with several dialogs showing various aspects of DialogBlocks.

Version 2.13, March 30th 2006

  • Added "Retain relative paths" option to XRC settings page.
  • Added support for system font and relative point size specification for "Font" properties.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a sizer from the top-level of a dialog where the only other element at the top level is not a sizer.
  • When finding or replacing, no longer sets the focus to the editor since it can lead to accidental editing.
  • Now loads individual element XRC files if the global XRC filename is not specified.
  • Now converts XRC filename backslashes to forward slashes.
  • Fixed a bug in static text import/export if no label is present.
  • Released universal binary (PowerPC/Intel) version of DialogBlocks for Mac.

Version 2.12, February 20th 2006

  • Added "Wrapping width" property for wxStaticText.
  • Removed original path from path set before DMC++ builds.
  • Now outputs dimension to XRC for radio box.
  • Really fixed "created" field in PJD files this time.
  • Only include wxUnusedVar in generated code when used with wxWidgets 2.5.0 and above.
  • Added "Use tabs" option to language settings dialog.
  • Marked wxCHK_2STATE, wxCHK_3STATE and wxCHK_ALLOW_3RD_STATE_FOR_USER as from wxWidgets 2.5.0 and above.
  • Removed erroneous version restriction on wxMINIMIZE_BOX, wxMAXIMIZE_BOX.
  • Fixed incomplete wxSashLayoutWindow code generation.
  • Fixed code generation for wxString custom control properties with image editor (assumes is a wxBitmap). Also doesn't generate call to set a property if the property has already been passed to the constructor.
  • Now allows specification of bitmap for disabled tool in a toolbar.
  • Fixed duplication of bitmaps in generated zip file.
  • Adds images from custom controls for wxString properties that have the image editor type.
  • Moved XRC archive settings to XRC settings page and simplified them, using radio buttons for alternate methods of generating XRC resources allowing for further methods in the future. Removed options to include XRC and image files since this is implicit.

Version 2.11, January 14th 2006

  • Fixed wxBitmapButton XRC output (the same filename used for all states).
  • Fixed loading of custom controls (spurious characters were being inserted in the Unicode build).

Version 2.10, January 13th 2006

  • Added header and implementation file preamble templates.
  • Corrected pragma code generation in file preamble.
  • Fixed source file encoding problems.
  • If in XRC generation mode, no longer generate bitmap or icon construction in GetBitmapResource or GetIconResource, since these bitmaps will be specified by location in the XRC.
  • XPM writing bug in Unicode build corrected.
  • Some translation glitches corrected (element menu positioning, non-appearance of HTML resources, and dialog layout ugliness).
  • Settings dialog now auto-sizes the tree according to its contents.
  • Improved document tab appearance in multi-document mode.
  • Property editors improved on Windows and Linux.
  • Corrected wxWizard Run() code generation to use wxWindowList::compatibility_iterator.
  • wxCalendarCtrl now created with default size or layout goes wrong.
  • Fixed out-by-one dates in project file.
  • Default point size now written as -1 in XRC files.

Version 2.09, December 20th 2005

  • Added more checking for bad MSVCDIR paths, since it's a very common error to use the wrong path.
  • Added "Language" option to General Settings so user-contributed translations can be added.
  • Added option for 7.1 (VS 2003).
  • Corrected code generation for wxApp::OnExit, for base classes other than wxApp.
  • wxDirCtrl EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED event now uses wxID_TREECTRL since the identifier should match the tree control and not the directory control.
  • Code generation for wxSpinCtrl no longer translates the value string.
  • Fixed code generation bug in GetIconResource for XPM icons.
  • Source changes are now detected in floating frames.

Version 2.08, December 10th 2005

  • Added checking for inconsistent versions in VC++ project configurations.
  • Introduced "PATH variable" setting so the value of PATH can be changed according to the type of configuration (MinGW builds without MSYS require no existing path to be used).

Version 2.07, December 8th 2005

  • The correct variable name inside an XPM file is now used in code generation.
  • An image specified as an XPM is now always included rather than loaded.
  • You can now specify a zip archive for storing XRC files and images: see the section "How to put your resources into a zip file".
  • Added "Source Encoding" and "Project Encoding" settings to Project Settings and New Project Wizard, which affect how C++, XRC code and project files are written and read.
  • XRC preview now works in Unicode mode with a non-ISO-8859-1 setting.
  • Fixed encoding problem with XRC file in Unicode build.
  • Fixed a crash when hiding control that's a child of a toolbar.
  • Fixed project drag and drop problems on non-Windows platforms.
  • The settings dialog now remembers its user-modified size.
  • Enabled the context menu in source editor windows.
  • Added right and middle click events to wxTreeCtrl.
  • Fixed bug in code editor style selections (changing several styles to the same colour didn't register).
  • Background and foreground colours in code editor now respond to Default style settings.
  • Added button to apply Default background colour to all styles.
  • Removed redundant "parent" attribute from XML files.
  • Added "Show output window during build" option.
  • Added "Hide output window after build" option.
  • Replaced backslashes with forward slashes in generated MinGW makefiles.
  • Added support for Visual C++ 2005 Express project files (the compiler version can be set to 8).
  • Added "Project make command" to VC++ Project configurations to replace the erroneous usage "C++ command" for the IDE program name.
  • Added "Project build command", "Project rebuild command" and "Project clean command" to VC++ Project configurations to allow for customisation of the command line.
  • Fixed code generation for showing a wizard from an event handler.
  • Enclosed makefile content in a comment block so only this block is regenerated. Delete your old generated makefiles to make DialogBlocks add the comment block.
  • The location of the custom control and custom command definitions now defaults to the application data directory instead of the user document directory.

Version 2.06, November 17th 2005

  • Save As XML option moved from General to Project settings, and now persists for each project.
  • Reimplemented XML output so it no longer uses identifiers that change every time the project is saved. Loading and saving is also much faster, and leading and trailing space in property values is preserved. Note that DialogBlocks will automatically save in the new format, but will still load the old XML format and binary format. To open project files created with this version of DialogBlocks in older versions, save as binary first.
  • Added Custom Commands facility and Tools menu. External commands can be defined on reaction to events such as writing to a read-only file, or executing a menu command.
  • Added VC++ 7 project generation: select the Compiler version for VC++ Project configurations.
  • Fixed wxStdDialogButtonSizer XRC generation (removed erroneous 'Proxy' from the class).
  • Prepared for Unicode versions by implementing forward compatibility (in ANSI versions) with Unicode binary files.
  • Now auto-generates filenames from class name in New Dialog dialog.
  • Copy text in an editor window no longer causes the project to be marked as changed.
  • Default location for custom control and command definitions is now the user's documents directory.
  • Added brace matching to source editor.
  • Added wxSashLayoutWindow (no layout yet performed by DialogBlocks).
  • Fixed focus problem with drop-down menus in the property editor (a wxGTK bug).

Version 2.05, November 3rd 2005

  • Removed wxFIXED_MINSIZE compatibility define from headers.
  • Fixed OnInit XRC generation problem introduced in last release (no XRC handler initialisation and loading of XRC file).
  • Fixed crash on Linux when deleting a menu item from a standalone menu.
  • Fixed import of wxRadioBox label from XRC.
  • Fixed crash related to wxSpinCtrl on wxMac.
  • Fixed a problem with setting a custom control definition's default width and height.
  • Can now use property names in custom constructor arguments.
  • Dragging to a sizer now puts the element in the sizer. Use Control to veto, or Shift to force adding as a child.
  • Fixed incorrect escaping of ampersand in notebook tab labels.
  • Fixed bad notebook sizing within editor.
  • Fixed wxStdDialogButtonSizer XRC button generation ("sizeritem" becomes "button").

Version 2.04, September 9th 2005

  • Fixed an over-zealous top-level window warning.
  • Added icon property to XRC for dialogs and frames.
  • When generating EndModal calls, takes into account whether using XRC.
  • On Windows, wxSplitterWindow background now painted if there are no children.
  • Improvements in display of notebooks and splitters.
  • Removed warnings from GetBitmap/IconResource.
  • Added Windows version (4.0) to DMC++ /su:windows command to avoid white dialogs.
  • Added EVT_TEXT_ENTER for wxComboBox.
  • No longer outputs spurious application XRC element.
  • wxPython sample no longer generates subclass warnings.
  • Regenerate All now generates XRC if the global filename is specified.
  • Added How to work with XRC resources help topic.
  • Added ability to override global C++/XRC generation setting, per element.
  • Now regenerates makefiles when a source file is deleted.
  • Added a check for empty filenames before a project is built.
  • Fixed a bug whereby variable types sometimes don't get saved correctly.
  • Added Max length property to wxTextCtrl.
  • Added Clear Project History button to project settings.
  • Improved property editor behaviour for checkboxes, so that the value is toggled immediately.
  • Clarified the prompt in the Compiler Path dialog to minimize the chance of users including 'bin' in the path.
  • Added Hidden, Foreground colour and Font properties to wxStaticBoxSizer.
  • Added Enabled property to windows, wxStaticBoxSizer, toolbar items and menu items.
  • Fixed a bug whereby property editor description window could not be shrunk below a certain size.
  • Shows the Paths page when a path setting is missing or wrong.
  • Added wxPanel to top-level elements since creating a wxDialog for a panel is not intuitive.
  • Standardised on lower-case true and false in code generation.

Version 2.03, August 16th 2005

  • Added wxDatePickerCtrl support.
  • Added wxStdDialogButtonSizer support.
  • Fixed toolbar button import.
  • Added dialog styles to wxWizard.
  • Fixed import of XRC files with non-ASCII characters.
  • Added Cygwin configuration using /cygdrive notation.
  • Fixed id name import bug for wxStaticBoxSizer.
  • Fixed font size import bug.
  • Fixed problem with permanent focus when clicking on multiline text control on Linux.
  • Fixed problem with changing event source not regenerating objects that refer to it in Source events property.
  • Fixed hang bug when deleting an event handler (could not find comment for a function and went into a loop).
  • Fixed a crash bug when editing radio buttons on wxMac (due to a bug in wxWidgets).
  • Fixed a problem with double execution of some commands on wxMac.
  • Removed an instance of needless regeneration of source.
  • Saving a project regenerates all pending changes.
  • Added Regenerate All menu command to Element menu to regenerate all code in a project.
  • Changing window properties of the main window (such as wxDIALOG_MODAL) now regenerates the application class, if necessary.
  • On Linux, renamed accelerators for elements that clash with menu accelerators such as Edit and View.
  • Now writes "help" parameter to XRC in preparation for later versions of wxWidgets that will support it.
  • Added checking for existence of Main window property, since it's a common cause of puzzlement.
  • XPMs are now supported properly in the image browser.
  • Improved display of transparent images in image browser.
  • Fixed GTK+ 2 crash when adding custom control.

Version 2.02, June 22nd 2005

  • Really fixed the crash on exit on Windows by reverting a MS HTML Help fix in 2.6.1.
  • Various Windows refresh fixes. Now compiled with maximum refresh suppression (system option "msw.window.no-clip-children" is no longer set to 1).

Version 2.01, June 17th 2005

  • New Project Wizard improvements: added a directory combobox and further filename checking.
  • Recompiled Windows version with wxWidgets CVS head for crash on exit problem.

Version 2.0, June 10th 2005

  • Fixed scroll problem with event handler editor and reference search list on Windows when smooth scrolling effect is enabled.
  • Now removes filename spaces and periods in header guard symbols.
  • Marks makefile for regeneration when a top-level element is deleted.
  • Now regenerates file even when switching to another element while editing a property.
  • Added wxNB_FLAT style (Windows CE only).
  • Added EVT_TREE_ITEM_MENU event handler.
  • Fixed Mac refresh glitch in property editor.

Version 1.99, May 31st 2005

  • Personal Edition release for the wxWidgets book CD-ROM.
  • Fixed bug when dragging an item to a new location.
  • Fixed a frame layout bug.

Version 1.98, May 19th 2005

  • Added option to allow disabling of the prompt for reloading source that has been changed externally.
  • Corrected -fno-exceptions flag for MinGW and GCC configurations.
  • Fixed a bug in wizard code generation (wrong type for lastPage).
  • Fixed XRC loading for wxMDIParentFrame, wxMDIChildFrame.
  • Don't generate code for loading images if using XRC.
  • Fixed crash when deleting (not cutting) windows in splitters.
  • Fixed saving of code editor font name and size.
  • First FreeBSD release.

Version 1.97, April 29th 2005

  • Restored red rectangles within static boxes on Windows.
  • Various layout fixes for 2.6.0.
  • Fit to content now works for frames.
  • Added wxSL_INVERSE style for wxSlider and wxNB_NOPAGETHEME for wxNotebook.

Version 1.96, April 26th 2005

  • Compiled DialogBlocks with wxWidgets 2.6.0, and enclosed manual for 2.6.0.

Version 1.95, April 20th 2005

  • Personal Edition, compiled for readers of the book "Cross-Platform GUI Programming with wxWidgets".
  • Fixed a bug assigning a foreign window with a member variable to a local variable.
  • Fixed a crash when adding a wxToggleButton.
  • Fixed a bug emitting AttachUnknownControl when generating C++ for XRC.

Version 1.94, April 15th 2005

  • A toolbar that's a child of a frame is now created with CreateToolBar.
  • Fixed RC object makefile problem for MinGW.
  • Makefile generated for wxMac no longer copies wxWidgets .rsrc file in wxWidgets 2.6.0 and above.
  • Fixed platform condition for notebooks and wizards.
  • Fixed a crash when recreating wizard page.
  • Added new --with-gtk=n syntax when making wxWidgets on Linux with wxWidgets 2.6.0 or above.

Version 1.93, April 12th 2005

  • Improved support for free Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003.
  • Now checks that OpenGL and ODBC settings in the configuration are consistent with setup.h, on Windows.
  • Checks that the major and minor version numbers in the configuration are consistent with version.h, on Windows.
  • Fixed bug writing minimum, maximum and default values for wxSpinCtrl and wxSlider.
  • Fixed inability to change tab size in Editor Settings page.
  • Fixed a bug whereby the list of configurations would not be refreshed when a project was initially loaded.
  • Setting the configuration in the Configurations page now changes the setting in the toolbar configurations list.

Version 1.92, April 7th 2005

  • Fixed some bugs with custom control event handlers.
  • VC++ makefiles now use /EHsc.
  • GCC makefiles use $(WXWIN) where possible.
  • Added -ggdb -Wall -O0 to GCC makefiles even when using wx-config.
  • Added Use installed wxWidgets and Command for wx-config to GCC configurations so that pre-installed wxWidgets libraries can be used.
  • GTK+ configurations no longer have a p after the name (debuggtk instead of debuggtkp).
  • Changed Code Editor settings so that word wrap, font size and so on are per-language and not global.
  • Added Output and Debugger languages, used for configuring the output and debugger windows.

Version 1.91, March 29th 2005

  • Added missing -v to Borland linker flags.
  • VC++ project files now include headers.
  • Fixed crash when adding splitter for GTK+ 2 and Mac versions.
  • Added missing validator, name arguments to generated XML resource handler.
  • Source files in makefiles are now relative to the project makefile, rather than to the project path.

Version 1.90, March 22nd 2005

  • Added missing wxCheckBox styles.
  • Fixed RC problem with DMC++ and Watcom makefile generation.

Version 1.89, March 21st 2005

  • Fixed code generation bug for wxFlexGridSizer with associated member variable.
  • Fixed BC++ and VC++ settings for Unicode.
  • Searches for the executable name for different versions of Visual Studio, and the C++ command property is respected for Visual Studio.
  • Added PLATFORMSDK path to make it easier to use Visual Studio Express.
  • Fixed code generation bug causing missing event handler declarations.
  • Now retains existing PATH when building or running projects.
  • New Project Wizard now creates an RC file if one doesn't exist, and adds it to the source folder. DialogBlocks uses the first RC file found in the project.
  • Corrected a tooltip bug when previewing dialogs.
  • Font properties can now use the string "default" to get that property from wxNORMAL_FONT on the target platform (or omit the property when writing XRC).
  • Added "image" editor type to custom control properties.
  • Improved regeneration of makefiles after changes to the project.
  • New frame dialog now allows specification of the base frame.
  • Added selected, focused and disabled bitmaps to wxBitmapButton.
  • Gives a clearer reason for the framework not having been built.

Version 1.88, January 12th 2005

  • Fixed code generation for wxWizard invocation in application OnInit.
  • Added ability to use shared libraries with wxWidgets 2.5.x.
  • Added option for writing project to local file before copying to actual file (possibly on a network drive).
  • Now handles loading .ico files into bitmaps under Windows.
  • Custom control no longer loses its class when copied.
  • XPMs no longer spuriously generated after XRC preview.
  • wxHtmlWindow's "HTML Code" property now escaped in XRC.
  • Now scrolls to view the last-selected property when clicking on a control.
  • External symbols for resource code (standalone menus and menubars) now generated.

Version 1.87, December 30th 2004

  • Added back compiler paths for VC++ Project generation, since it seems these are not added by VC++ after all.
  • Added missing CreateControls call for Wizard page in XRC mode.
  • Choice selection bug fixed (affecting configuration selection) for GTK+ 2 version.

Version 1.86, December 21st 2004

  • Changed library order for MinGW and GCC to fix link errors when using XRC.
  • Clicking on document tabs in multiple document mode now selects the relevant project outline item.
  • "Libraries" and "Include path" properties now reflect the actual wx-config invocation, so extra libraries and includes can be added as required.
  • Removed compiler include and lib paths from VC++ project file since these are already known to the IDE.
  • Now replaces backslashes with forward slashes when importing images under Windows, for portability.
  • On Windows, copy, cut and paste in a property editor combobox now works.
  • Fixed a crash when closing the Custom Control editor dialog after deleting a property.

Version 1.85, December 6th 2004

  • Suppresses configure command if only a make is required for a wxWidgets build.
  • Now asks for confirmation before a wxWidgets clean command.
  • Added toolbar button for Build and Run.
  • Sets the compiler path before running the project, in case support files are needed.
  • Now load toolhelp functions dynamically (for killing child processes) so DialogBlocks will run under Windows NT 4.0.
  • No longer tries to include non-existent symbol file in application header file.
  • In the Variables tab, the variables list now stretches to take the available height.
  • DialogBlocks sets the INCLUDE variable before compiling wxWidgets, which allows e.g. Watcom C++ to compile wxWidgets without setting variables globally.
  • Increased the range of fonts available via the font selector under Windows.
  • You can now use Del to delete an item in the project tree if it is focused.
  • Application can be run in directories that include spaces.

Version 1.84, November 30th 2004

  • Corrected include file generation when using custom controls.
  • Corrected odbc32.lib and opengl32.lib addition.
  • Fixed INCLUDE path for building wxWidgets with VC++.
  • Added error and warning count to Errors tab.
  • On Windows, cleaning the current wxWidgets build also deletes the copy of setup.h under the lib directory, if it exists.
  • Corrected bug generating non-default position for top-level window with dialog units on.

Version 1.83, November 26th 2004

  • Corrected broken error parsing.
  • Now automatically generates makefile before a build if not found.
  • Improvements to makefile generation for Mac.
  • Fixed debugger toolbar for Mac.

Version 1.82, November 25th 2004

  • Added errors tab to output window.
  • Use wxSTC for output window for better scrolling behaviour on Windows.
  • Added gdb-in-a-window for MinGW and GCC configurations, and added GDB manual to the reference section.
  • Improved parsing of errors.
  • Fixed refresh problem on Support tab.
  • Added Load help on demand option to speed up load times.
  • Fixed handling of relative pathnames in makefiles.
  • Don't add WIN32 ODBC and OpenGL libraries if not specified in the configuration.
  • Image to XPM conversion now converts alpha to mask (images in compiled application could end up with black backgrounds).

Version 1.81, November 23rd 2004

  • Fixed bug where --with-odbc, --with-opengl were always set.
  • Use forward slashes in dependencies for MinGW and GCC.
  • Fixed bug in makefiles with introduction of dependencies.

Version 1.80, November 22nd 2004

  • Added OpenWatcom C++ support.
  • Only tries to compile files of extension cpp or cxx now.
  • Suggests a more sensible application class name.
  • Added an application class and some configurations to the sample.
  • Saves dialog or code changes before a project build.
  • Added Build and Run Project menu option.
  • Generates dependencies in makefiles (for files within the project).

Version 1.79, November 20th 2004

  • Fixed problem showing/hiding output window.
  • Added Digital Mars C++ template.
  • Fixed BC++ error and warning parsing, and restored go-to-line functionality.
  • Changed order of BC++ libraries to fix linking problem.

Version 1.78, November 18th 2004

  • Fixed bad link to tools topic in the manual.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking About in the configurations settings dialog after changing a setting.
  • Added Use ODBC and Use OpenGL configuration settings.
  • Now gives explanation for 'configuration not found' warning.
  • Added Prompt to build framework setting to allow the prompt to be suppressed.
  • Added Support tab with a browser under Windows and HTML window on other platforms. The browser can be switched off from the Help Settings page.

Version 1.77, November 17th 2004

  • Added support for building and running applications from within DialogBlocks. Supports MinGW, BC++, GCC, VC++ 6, and VC++ 7. Static linking only is supported.
  • Changed the toolbar icons and added a configuration combobox.
  • Implemented notebook icons in XRC handler.
  • Can now enter zero for number of rows and columns in wxGrid, so that CreateGrid will not be called (plug in your own table).
  • Added wxListBox styles to wxCheckListBox.
  • Added wxSashWindow support.

Version 1.76, November 5th 2004

  • Added custom controls facility for defining how externally-implemented controls will be edited. This includes a first-pass XRC handler generator.
  • When extracting symbols to a separate include file, the first equals sign in a label can now be escaped by preceding it with a percentage sign to avoid it being parsed as an identifier and value.
  • Corrected OnPaint generation.
  • Eliminated duplicate names in identifier name drop-down list.
  • Corrected variable naming bug when generating AddControl for a toolbar control.

Version 1.75, October 27th 2004

  • Enhanced the file format in preparation for future features: please upgrade on all platforms since new files cannot be edited by older versions of DialogBlocks. Old files remain backward compatible with this version of DialogBlocks.
  • Corrected code generation for toolbar and status bar with member variables.
  • Added missing EVT_TREE_END_DRAG event.
  • Added Test, Test with XRC and Refresh menu items to top-level element context menu.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a notebook that's a child of another notebook.
  • Fixed crash on right-clicking on Projects item and added New Project, Open Project items.
  • Improved syntax highlighting; made styles and overall font size configurable via the new Code Editor and Styles settings dialogs.
  • Added Find and Find and Replace commands within a single document.
  • Added Go To Line command.
  • In the Reference tool, can now use the space key to page down and traverse the help book.
  • Added data variable and data validator properties to wxStaticText, for initialisation of the label.
  • Added Sources node to each project, with a context menu for adding arbitrary source files.
  • Worked around grid problem under GTK 1.x on recent Linux distributions.

Version 1.74, October 17th 2004

  • Added Custom ctor arguments property, for passing arguments to the constructor before Create is called, in two-step construction mode.
  • Added refresh window command (F7).
  • Further editor sizing corrections.
  • Corrected XRCCTRL usage.
  • Added Add image files... menu item for the Bitmaps folder context menu.

Version 1.73, October 14th 2004

  • DialogBlocks is now built with wxWidgets 2.5.3 on Windows and Linux. Please note that due to differences in sizing implementation, the sizes of some panels and windows may need to be set to (-1, -1) for correct sizing.
  • Copy and paste from reference window now works.
  • Added Help text and Tooltip properties for wxStaticBitmap.
  • Help text and tooltips work in preview.
  • Fixed code generation bug in wxStaticBoxSizer.
  • Added wxNO_BORDER style for wxButton.
  • Added subclass to top-level elements in XRC output.
  • Platform property recognised in XRC import.
  • Dialog unit save/load bug fixed.
  • Spurious size and styles no longer added on import.
  • Now outputs subclass attribute to XRC.
  • Spacer options and flags now imported.
  • When a top-level panel is created, properties irrelevant to panels are set to false.
  • Member initialisation in XRC code generation mode made less verbose, using XRCCTRL.
  • Fixed bug where F6 preview window could not be closed on Linux.
  • Added Custom arguments property to allow arbitrary data to be passed to most control constructors.

Version 1.72, October 8th 2004

  • Fixed two preview bugs for notebooks in dialogs.
  • Hidden property now honoured in preview.
  • Asks user to confirm opening a read-only project.
  • Streamlined code generation so local variables are not used when member variables are specified.
  • Added missing EVT_WIZARD_FINISHED event.
  • XRC import corrections.
  • Added Leave project backups option.

Version 1.71, October 1st 2004

  • Fixed bug when removing an event handler from an application element.
  • No longer complains if there's no wxWidgets manual to load.
  • Added Expand children on element selection option in the general settings dialog.
  • Fixed XRC import crash.
  • Added Rename document... menu item to project context menu.

Version 1.70, September 23rd 2004

  • Explicitly reallocating id names now forces a rename for all elements and not just those with unique id names.
  • Destroy window action generates Destroy call for modeless dialogs, rather than Close.
  • Added more specific comment around generated event handler code.
  • Fixed spurious file reload prompt.
  • Removed temporary file debug code accidentally left in before.

Version 1.69, September 22nd 2004

  • Changed class help shortcut to F3 to avoid collision with property editing behaviour.
  • Corrected a problem generating multiline text on Mac.
  • Now generates an include for windows that are referenced via actions.
  • Added choice for reassigning either identifier values alone, or identifier names and values.
  • Corrected conversion of filenames to XPM variable names (replaces spaces and hyphens with underscores).
  • Headers not rewritten if nothing changed, to save unnecessary compiles.
  • Cleaned up XRC output for menubars and menus.
  • Size hints are applied for F5 dialog preview.
  • Symbol generation fixed when an element's identifier is in the global symbols file.

Version 1.68, September 17th 2004

  • Code generation works around missing default constructor for wxDocMDIParentFrame and wxDocMDIChildFrame in wxWidgets 2.4.x, if version is set in DialogBlocks.
  • Fixed tree update glitch when pasting.
  • Fixed a bug when importing an image into an existing image document.
  • Added simple prototyping features, including actions in the event editor and F5 preview for the application object.
  • Added built-in wxWidgets reference, so you can now see the documentation for the currently edited element (or selected class name in a code editor) by selecting Help On Class from the help menu or by pressing F2.

Version 1.67, September 12th 2004

  • Fixed disappearing toolbar command bug.
  • Added XRC initialisation code to OnInit.

Version 1.66, September 9th 2004

  • Fixed bug in standalone menu and menubar.

Version 1.65, September 8th 2004

  • Fixed repeated custom styles bug in XRC output.
  • Button's label is now updated if set as a stock label when changing id name property.
  • Reduced jumpiness of C++ source code current position.
  • Added bitmap and icon resource functions to application resource class.
  • Added Modal property to dialog properties.
  • Added application element.
  • Replaced the New Project dialog with a wizard, with the option to create an application class.

Version 1.64, September 5th 2004

  • wxNotebookSizer code not generated if version is 2.5.2 or above.
  • Added Custom styles to all windows.
  • Suppressed a spurious reload message on wxGTK.
  • Corrected a bug in reallocation of identifiers where standard identifiers were renamed.
  • Made edit control margin wider.
  • Added ability to add standalone wxMenuBar and wxMenu resources.
  • Added Resources settings page to allow specification of resource class and file names, for storing menus, menubars and potentially other resources.
  • Added Event sources property to frames, dialogs and foreign windows to allow them to process the events for a given menu.
  • Added External symbol files setting to code generation settings dialog, so DialogBlocks can be made aware of application-defined identifiers.
  • All standard identifiers, and those found in external symbol files, now appear in the drop-down list for Id name.
  • Selecting a standard Id name for a wxButton now fills in the label property, in line with the new stock buttons scheme in wxWidgets 2.5.3.

Version 1.63, August 29th 2004

  • Added Sizer member variable name property to wxStaticBoxSizer.
  • No longer removes filename information when dragging a dialog.
  • Corrected a bug initializing new menu item identifiers.
  • Added wxToggleButton.
  • Fixed bug in generation of inline XPM images.
  • Added wxMenuEvent handlers to wxFrame.
  • No longer renames imported image file if it's already in the project folder.

Version 1.62, August 23rd 2004

  • Made identifier allocation much more efficient for large projects.
  • Added Templates settings page allowing some customisation of generated file comments.

Version 1.61, August 17th 2004

  • Made the generated local variables more readable.
  • Corrected a code generation problem with tabs in menu items.

Version 1.60, August 15th 2004

  • By default, panel and foreign controls should have disabled wxHSCROLL and wxVSCROLL styles.
  • Another backslash escaping fix.
  • Added Paste Preserving Identifiers command, useful when specifying alternate layouts for the same UI elements.
  • Added Id Prefix to C++ Code Generation dialog to make it easier to create unique identifiers.

Version 1.59, August 13th 2004

  • Fixed incorrect escaping of newlines and tabs in symbols file, in XRC mode.
  • Fixed escaping of backslashes.
  • Added wxHSCROLL, wxVSCROLL styles for wxPanel and foreign controls.
  • Fixed absolute frame sizing.
  • Improved UI on Mac.

Version 1.58, July 30th 2004

  • Added drop-down list to "Id name" property, to allow selection of an existing identifier in the same hierarchy.
  • Fixed occasional layout bug under Windows when changing a style of a window.
  • Improved navigation to event handler so function always appears at the top of the window.
  • Fixed icon constructor bug in code generation.
  • Improved colour handling when converting to XPM.
  • Added wxWidgets target version to settings, plus various adaptations to the target version such as sizer style, wxCLOSE_BOX, etc.
  • Added Save as XML option to General Settings dialog, to toggle between XML and fast binary saving.
  • Linux only: added Edit field for editing event handler names, as a temporary workaround for a keyboard focus problem.
  • Now adds event handlers even if the identifier is -1.

Version 1.57, July 16th 2004

  • Fixed custom style XRC generation for foreign window.
  • Added wxTB_HORZ_LAYOUT style (wxWidgets 2.5.x, Windows and GTK+ 2).
  • Added a setting to determine position of property editor (for example to allow viewing the edited window on a different screen).
  • Double-clicking on an event handler now goes to that function in the C++ file, if it exists.

Version 1.56, July 4th 2004

  • Fixed problem changing toolbar buttons on Linux.
  • Fixed wizard title reversion.
  • Double quotes in labels are now escaped.
  • Toolbar and menu items are now labelled with their id name in the project tree.
  • Fixed refresh bug in New Project dialog.

Version 1.55, June 28th 2004

  • Correction to top-level wxPanel code generation.
  • Correction to member assignment code generation in XRC mode.
  • URL property in wxHtmlWindow no longer prepends the project path; backslashes are converted to forward slashes in code generation.
  • Added further icons for the project outline.

Version 1.54, June 23rd 2004

  • Improved search and replace of class and function names so similar names will not get accidentally get replaced.
  • Base class combobox for New Frame dialog hidden again.
  • Selection outlines are now shown in scrolled windows as well as panels.
  • Added PPU X, PPU Y, Units X, Units Y properties to wxScrolledWindow; now window will support fit-inside behaviour to allow scrolling for contained controls.

Version 1.53, June 17th 2004

  • GetIconResource for wizard dialog now retrieves dialog icon.
  • F6 preview dialog can now be cancelled on Linux.
  • Fixed code generation for menu items that are checked by default.
  • Fixed wxStaticLine code generation for Hidden property code.
  • Fixed code generation for wizard icons.
  • wxScrolledWindow, wxSplitterWindow and foreign windows now support derived classes.
  • Added wxSplitterWindow sash events.
  • Added size, paint, mouse and keyboard events for dialog, panel, scrolled window, splitter window, foreign window and frame.
  • Added wxFIXED_MINSIZE flag for wxWidgets 2.5.2 and above (DialogBlocks is compiled against 2.5.2 on Mac only so this flag won't yet preview correctly on Windows and Linux).
  • Fixed a wxSplitterWindow crash bug when deleting children or dragging.

Version 1.52, June 8th 2004

  • Added Custom styles to foreign control.
  • Added Create in situ properties to foreign control, so custom windows can be created at the appropriate point in the dialog.
  • Added conditional creation to all elements, and not just the context help button. Use the Platform property to control whether a UI sub-hierarchy will be displayed on a given platform. Set the combobox on the toolbar to edit and preview the look for a particular platform.
  • Using the same event handler function for multiple controls no longer generates multiple event table entries.
  • Fixed a bug with tab character in menu preview.

Version 1.51, May 31st 2004

  • Fixed a path generation bug.
  • No longer allows creation of non-page children of wxWizard.
  • When pasting, only renames identifiers when they are non-unique within the dialog and not the whole project, to avoid renaming when doing simple cut-paste operations.

Version 1.50, May 26th 2004

  • Fixed another bug in GetIconResource code generation.
  • Changed wxHSCROLL to wxLB_HSCROLL for wxListBox.
  • No longer rename identifiers in a drag operation.
  • Fixed a splitter window layout problem in the preview.

Version 1.49, May 19th 2004

  • Fixed bugs in GetIconResource code generation.
  • Generated position and window identifier for wxWizard now reflect changes.
  • Changed wizard Run function to work on wxWidgets 2.5 as well 2.4.
  • Dialog external-string symbol file now outputs strings that have no user-defined symbol, so that poEdit can scan the code for translations.

Version 1.48, May 16th 2004

  • Fixed a crash when leaving a checkbox active in the property editor, and then cutting the element.
  • Newlines now allowed in button labels.
  • Added Icon property for dialogs and frames.
  • Added Tab icon property for notebook pages.
  • Now leaves the bitmap filename untouched in the XRC file, rather than stripping any relative path.
  • Fixed spacer-related crash.
  • Added GetBitmapResource, GetIconResource functions to dialogs and frames, to allow more flexibility in image loading.

Version 1.47, May 11th 2004

  • Changing to and from wxID_ANY for "Id name" now changes "Id value" appropriately.
  • Fixed bug in variable initialization (the code was generated from the wrong window).
  • Now renames event handler functions for pasted items.
  • Added wxLB_SORT property to wxCheckListBox.
  • Global XRC file is now stored relative to the current project.
  • Added Acme Python example (thanks to Hans Maerki).
  • Generated window identifier names and values are now unique across a project, not just a dialog.
  • Added the possibility of creating children of a wxScrolledWindow (not supported by XRC yet).
  • First Mac OS X beta released.

Version 1.46, April 16th 2004

  • Fixed spacer deletion crash, when there are other spacers at the same level.

Version 1.45, April 15th 2004

  • Dialogs in XRC now get bg and fg tags if appropriate.
  • Added wxFRAME_FLOAT_ON_PARENT frame style.
  • Added wxFULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE frame style.
  • If you change the Class property for a foreign window, it will be reflected in the XRC output. If you leave it as wxWindow, it will remain "unknown".
  • Fixed bad wxSplitterWindow behaviour when previewing (sash wasn't dragging properly due to events being intercepted by DialogBlocks).
  • Added Member variable name to foreign control properties.
  • Fixed bug whereby saving when editing a property didn't save the new value.
  • Fixed erroneous EVT_COMBOBOX event macro in wxCheckListBox.
  • When pasting a dialog or frame, now resets the filename fields so as not to overwrite existing files.
  • Added Delete item to context menu. Deletion no longer saves to the clipboard.

Version 1.44, March 25th 2004

  • Moved the "wx/wx.h" inclusion from the header to to the .cpp file. For existing dialogs, you may need to add the include to the .cpp file yourself.
  • No longer changes filename extension back to .cpp.
  • You can now create dialogs in folders, and drag them into folders, to help organise your projects. This also fixes a bug where dragging a dialog could consign it to oblivion.
  • Added command-line options: -g (generate CPP), -o (overwrite), -r (generate XRC for project).
  • Added X, Y properties to dialogs and frames.
  • Improved colour reduction for converting to XPMs.
  • Fitting to contents now works for frames.

Version 1.43, March 7th 2004

  • Don't lose original title for top-level elements.
  • Added Id name, Id value properties for wxStaticBoxSizer.

Version 1.42, March 2nd 2004

  • Fixed a bug whereby editing in the C++ window could be lost.
  • wxFrame base class is now editable, and code generation works for wxFrame, wxMDIParentFrame, wxMDIChildFrame, wxDocMDIParentFrame and wxDocMDIChildFrame.
  • Fixed include generation bug.
  • DialogBlocks now prevents the user from adding sizers as children of wxSplitterWindow.
  • Added Show Project Outline Window option.
  • wxFrame, wxDialog and wxPanel constructors now use symbols for identifier, style, size, position and title to allow the default values to reflect the current property values.
  • Fixed some problems with scrolling large dialogs.
  • Frames and dialogs now do member initialisation in Create function.

Version 1.41, February 29th 2004

  • wxContextHelpButton code generation fixed in 2-step construction mode (no default constructor).
  • Fixed a sizing bug in wxSpinCtrl under Windows.
  • Added wxDIALOG_NO_PARENT style support.
  • Added wxMINIMIZE_BOX, wxMAXIMIZE_BOX, wxTHICK_FRAME to wxDialog.
  • Fixed bug when recreating wxCheckListBox.
  • Fixed bug generating symbols for default choice, combobox and listbox values.
  • Changed references to wxWindows to wxWidgets.
  • Fixed bug where commands appeared on the Undo menu item after a preview.
  • No longer generate control identifier definitions in XRC mode.
  • Now puts control includes into header so that event classes are declared.
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when selecting a dialog containing a wxDirCtrl.

Version 1.40, February 10th 2004

  • Controls are now displayed with their identifiers in the project tree.
  • wx/treectrl.h inclusion now generated (DialogBlocks accidentally generated wx/spinctrl.h inclusion previously).
  • Generates wxStatusBar XRC code for contributed XRC handler.
  • The wizard's Run function now returns a boolean to indicate whether the user cancelled the wizard. You may need to change your existing Run functions to match the new signature.
  • Added Checked property for menu items.
  • Added version number to XRC resource.
  • Now only generates one forward declaration for each custom class.
  • User is offered the choice of trying again when saving C++ files fails.
  • Added tooltips to XRC.

Version 1.39, January 14th 2004

  • Now generates menubar after other wxFrame children so premature size events don't disrupt layout.
  • Corrected wizard page class in XRC output.
  • Image resources can now be a copy of the original, or linked to the original image.
  • Can drag an image to an image resource to import, or drag one or more images to the project outline to import several at once.
  • Cutting or pasting an element now marks the project as modified.
  • Added How to work with image resources topic to manual.
  • Added How to import dialog resources topic to manual.
  • Added some simple DDE command support.

Version 1.38, January 5th 2004

  • Added wxWS_EX_BLOCK_EVENTS, wxWS_EX_TRANSIENT styles to dialogs.
  • Corrected aesthetic dialog box glitches on Linux.

Version 1.37, January 4th 2004

  • Fixed wxFlexGridSizer code generation.
  • Fixed missing Create function declarations in wxWizard and wxWizardPage.
  • Further measures to counter the BadMatch error under Linux.

Version 1.36, December 31st 2003

  • Fixed wxMenuItem code generation.
  • Fixed generation of tabs within menu labels.
  • Added wxCLOSE_BOX definition (wxWidgets 2.5.x).
  • Fixed gcc pragma in generated headers.
  • (Hopefully) fixed crash in Linux version when window sizes momentarily go negative.

Version 1.35, December 19th 2003

  • No longer uses real identifiers in XRC preview mode, to avoid controlling DialogBlocks accidentally.
  • Implemented Bitmap property for menu items.
  • Implemented wxStatusBar.
  • Fixed incorrect code generation for loading a frame from XRC.
  • Now saving the project saves any edits in code windows.

Version 1.34, December 15th 2003

  • Variable type and default value could be lost when saving immediately; now fixed.
  • Implemented Font property for windows.
  • Fixed problem where elements didn't respond to mouse input in F5 preview.
  • Changing the filename in the image properties dialog now updates the image window display.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a toolbar.
  • Tree items get refreshed properly when a child is added.
  • Renaming a variable now changes the variable name for elements that reference it.
  • Expanded the sample slightly.

Version 1.33, December 12th 2003

  • Made sure putting negative numbers into wxGrid row and column count properties doesn't crash DialogBlocks.
  • Now prompts user if source or header files need to be reloaded.
  • Added wxWS_EX_VALIDATE_RECURSIVELY style to the relevant windows.
  • Added further wxFrame styles.
  • Now auto-saves XRC for the whole project if there's a filename present in the XRC Code Generation Settings dialog.

Version 1.32, December 4th 2003

  • Fixed XRC generation for foreign windows (should not have a subclass).
  • Fixed bug I introduced in the last release (new elements not showing up immediately in the property editor).
  • Toolbar buttons were not generating tooltip text.

Version 1.31, December 3rd 2003

  • Fixed crash bug when clicking on controls.

Version 1.30, December 1st 2003

  • Fixed bug that caused DialogBlocks to crash when click on a control that is just about to be regenerated when a style changes.
  • Now copies event handlers when copying and pasting.
  • Fixed a bug in code generation when adding bitmap buttons to a toolbar.
  • Fixed bug in wxFrame constructor generation.
  • Fixed bug whereby menu identifiers were not defined in the header.

Version 1.29, November 25th 2003

  • Fixed bug loading dialog instead of panel in XRC C++ generation mode.
  • The wrong event table entry was generated for radio buttons.
  • Clarified explanation of notebook sizers.
  • Added "Window kind" property to wxDialog. "Base class" is now editable for wxDialog and wxPanel, so that custom classes can be used.
  • Now saves currently-edited property value when a tab is clicked.
  • Added frame, menubar and toolbar editing.
  • Fixed dialog help invocation on Linux (the topics were not being displayed).
  • Renamed the Dialogs container in the project outline to Windows.

Version 1.28, November 6th 2003

  • Fixed bug in code generation for panels within wxSplitterWindows, where the panel children would only be created if the panel has a custom class name.
  • No longer translates empty strings, since gettext will complain.
  • When event handlers have been added or removed, marks the document for regeneration when the user clicks on a source tab.
  • Copying a spacer no longer adds Id name and Id value properties.
  • Fixed a problem reading some controls from a Windows RC file, whereby the window position and size would be misinterpreted.

Version 1.27, October 14th 2003

  • No longer outputs multiple event handlers of the same name for a given class.
  • F6 XRC preview now always allows the dialog to be closed.
  • Grid event table entries should not take an id argument - corrected.
  • Several bugs fixed in wxWizard creation using XRC files.
  • Dialogs, wizard pages and panels now have default constructor and Create() functions to allow for two-step creation.
  • Added Use Two-Step Construction C++ code generation setting.

Version 1.26, September 12th 2003

  • Fixed a drag and drop bug when trying to drag a document to one of its children.
  • Duplicate tool text for wxButton fixed.
  • wxPanel::Create() signature corrected.
  • Parses RC files with curly braces instead of BEGIN/END.
  • Fixed wxSplitterWindow orientation in generated XRC.
  • Fixed help text code generation bug.
  • Fixed class declaration insertion code generation bug (inserted declaration inside pragma block).
  • Now when you click on a control in the tree, any relevant tabs or wizard pages will be selected so the control always becomes visible.

Version 1.25, August 18th 2003

  • Always use the class name given to a panel when creating an instance of it.
  • Added External implementation property to suppress generation for a particular panel class.

Version 1.24, August 18th 2003

  • Incorrect wxCheckBox event table entry corrected.
  • When items are pasted, their identifier names and numbers are reallocated if necessary.
  • Better renaming of event handler function names when the Id name changes.
  • Default background and foreground colours restored properly when the colour is cleared in the property editor.
  • XRC preview and normal preview now consistent for wxSplitterWindow orientation.
  • Fixed multiple inclusion of validator headers.

Version 1.23, August 14th 2003

  • Converts short (DOS) filename to long form when passed to DialogBlocks from Explorer.
  • Considers a wxPanel to be a new derived class if either it has one or more sizer children (as before), or if the name has been customized.
  • Only generates XRCID macro if identifier is not a standard wxWidgets identifier.
  • Now generates appropriate precompiled header inclusion at the start of the cpp file.
  • Fixed copyright in file headers, and added creation date.
  • The image browser now remembers the last directory.

Version 1.22, August 8th 2003

  • Corrected a bug in dialog preview.

Version 1.21, August 6th 2003

  • Added the Event handlers page, so all relevant notification event handlers can be added, and not just the 'main' event. Event handler and Update event handler properties are therefore removed, but old handlers are converted to the new form.
  • No longer uses wxXRC_USE_LOCALE flag for previewing XRC files, which should remove some special character display problems.
  • No longer overwrites read-only .cpp, .h and .xrc files.
  • Added sizer support for Member variable name.

Version 1.20, August 4th 2003

  • GetNext and GetPrev functions for wxWizardPage now generated correctly as const functions.
  • Calls to Fit, SetSizeHints and Centre are now put in constructor to allow custom code to be added to the end of CreateControls.
  • Added C++ code generation honouring the Hidden property.
  • Added SetParent call to code generation for XRC, otherwise XRC load operation will fail.
  • Made it impossible to set both Rows and Columns to zero in a wxGridSizer or wxFlexGridSizer.
  • Added back the zip file handler that somehow got lost, so that the manual works on Linux again.
  • Fixed a crash when switching from multiple to single document mode.

Version 1.19, July 23rd 2003

  • Fixed a crash when a wizard page is deleted.

Version 1.18, July 22nd 2003

  • Corrected XRC wizard identifer code generation bug.
  • Always add close box for XRC previews on Linux.
  • Added XPM handler to avoid virtual filesystem warning on Linux when previewing XRC.

Version 1.17, July 14th 2003

  • Removed right-click New Document menu item.
  • wxWizard dialogs now have their own icon.
  • wxStaticBitmap and wxBitmapButton XRC import now work properly (the bitmaps are imported).
  • Corrected three code generation bugs: inclusion of wx/xrc/xmlres.h, a missing bracket when finding a window in XRC resource mode, and double-creation of windows in XRC resource mode.

Version 1.16, July 4th 2003

  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when deleting a dialog.

Version 1.15, July 4th 2003

  • Fixed a bug in interpreting the user's XRC or RC resource selections.
  • Now assumes single-line text control if importing an XRC text control node with no style.
  • Assumes no sunken border for imported XRC panels with no style.
  • Improved speed for destruction of dialogs containing notebooks (selecting another dialog could result in much refreshing of the dialog before it disappeared).
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when an independent document frame was closed.

Version 1.14, June 26th 2003

  • Fixed code generation for wxCalendarCtrl.
  • Fixed member variables for wxWizard.
  • Cured crash in XRC and RC import.
  • Cured a problem whereby spacers were getting created multiple times, particularly in wxWizard pages.

Version 1.13, June 24th 2003

  • Added wxCalendarCtrl support.
  • Added wxHtmlWindow support.
  • Fixed spacer deletion bug.
  • Fixed member initialisation bug.
  • Fixed bitmap paths, so you can enter relative and absolute paths in the property editor.
  • Code in constructors is now in a block so it can be regenerated.
  • Extra classes can now be added after the C++ code has been saved to a file, for example if you later add pages to a wizard.

Version 1.12, June 22nd 2003

  • .h/.cpp confusion cured when New Dialog dialog is closed.
  • Appropriate forward declarations are added to the header when member variables are specified.
  • Added a better dialog to ask the user whether the files should be completely regenerated.
  • Fixed a bug adding member variables when completely regenerating code.
  • Added member variable editor tab, for adding your own member variables to classes.
  • Added Data variable and Data validator properties, to make it easy to specify data transfer between a variable and a control.
  • Window member variables now initialised when generating from XRC.

Version 1.11, June 18th 2003

  • Fixed another issue with UI update events for static controls.
  • Fixed crash on copy.

Version 1.10, June 17th 2003

  • Documented code blocks, in case they need to be added by hand.
  • Prompts the user to save modified .h or .cpp files when deactivating a dialog.

Version 1.09, June 15th 2003

  • Added UI update handlers to static items.
  • Corrected wxStaticBox C++ code generation.
  • Corrected notebook page resizing within the editor.
  • Implemented the ability to set background and foreground colours.
  • Fixed bugs with copying and pasting whole dialogs.
  • Separated the code generation settings dialog into C++ and XRC settings dialogs.
  • The Title property is now separate from the name of the dialog as it appears in the project.
  • Now adds the appropriate include files to the generated C++ code.
  • Added Base Id code generation setting, with the ability to regenerate the id values.
  • Added Member variable name to each window element, as an optional way of accessing windows in C++ code.

Version 1.08, June 5th 2003

  • No longer deletes images on project save, when the images have been deleted and then re-imported.
  • Image properties show a drop-down list of filenames.
  • The '...' edit button now replaced with 'Edit...' for clarity.
  • Fixed wxStaticBoxSizer code generation bug.

Version 1.07, May 30th 2003

  • A bug fix for previewing dialogs containing notebooks.

Version 1.06, May 29th 2003

  • Further corrections to "Extract strings to separate include file" option.

Version 1.05, May 29th 2003

  • Added "Extract strings to separate include file" option to code generation settings, to allow separation of string literals from the code.
  • Radiobox strings can be edited in a multiline editor dialog.
  • Property strings no longer limited by the size of the window.

Version 1.04, May 27th 2003

  • Added wxWizard, wxWizardPage.
  • Added wxGenericDirCtrl.
  • Corrected some XRC import and export issues.
  • Corrected crash on Linux when deleting documents.
  • Fixed problem with config file being corrupted.

Version 1.03, May 20th 2003

  • Fixed problem where imported control size was ignored.
  • Properties are now reset before importing.
  • Dialog unit mode may be switched on for each dialog, and imported dialogs.
  • Absolute-positioned dialogs may be imported and created, though no drag and drop is available.
  • The top-level sizer may now be replaced if required.
  • Added Use dialog units to General Settings dialog.
  • In XRC export, writes "subclass" where possible instead of exporting "unknown" controls.

Version 1.02, May 17th 2003

  • Added wxScrollBar support.
  • Added wxGrid support.
  • Added wxNotebook styles.
  • Added Initial value property to wxGauge.
  • Corrected wxGauge's range XRC output (was output as 'max').
  • Corrected a bug in sizer C++ generation.

Version 1.01, May 16th 2003

  • Fixed problem whereby only the first resource preview (F6) reflected reality.
  • Removed spurious id from spacer.
  • Fixed some row/col bugs in wxGridSizer support.
  • Divided Controls menu into Controls and Windows.
  • Added wxCheckListBox.
  • Added wxNotebook.
  • Added XRC Import facility.

Version 1.00, May 12th 2003

  • Code generation improvements, including better foreign control support in XRC. Added wxScrolledWindow and wxSplitterWindow support.
  • First public release.

Version 0.80, May 10th 2003

  • Initial beta release.

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