include/variantutils/varianthandlers.h File Reference

#include "wx/defs.h"
#include "wx/variant.h"

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class  wxVariantHandler
class  wxVariantHandlers


bool wxReadVariant (wxVariant &variant, wxInputStream &stream, wxDataInputStream &dataStream)
 Read a variant.
bool wxWriteVariant (const wxVariant &variant, wxOutputStream &stream, wxDataOutputStream &dataStream)
 Write a variant.
wxOutputStreamoperator<< (wxOutputStream &stream, const wxVariant &variant)
 Insertion and extraction operators.
wxInputStreamoperator>> (wxInputStream &stream, wxVariant &variant)


class WXDLLEXPORT wxOutputStream
class WXDLLEXPORT wxInputStream
class WXDLLEXPORT wxDataOutputStream
class WXDLLEXPORT wxDataInputStream

Function Documentation

wxOutputStream& operator<< ( wxOutputStream stream,
const wxVariant &  variant 

Insertion and extraction operators.

wxInputStream& operator>> ( wxInputStream stream,
wxVariant &  variant 

bool wxReadVariant ( wxVariant &  variant,
wxInputStream stream,
wxDataInputStream dataStream 

Read a variant.

bool wxWriteVariant ( const wxVariant &  variant,
wxOutputStream stream,
wxDataOutputStream dataStream 

Write a variant.

Variable Documentation

class WXDLLEXPORT wxDataInputStream

class WXDLLEXPORT wxDataOutputStream

class WXDLLEXPORT wxInputStream

class WXDLLEXPORT wxOutputStream

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