AxResourceLibrarySettings Class Reference
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#include <ax_resource/ax_resource_library.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AxResourceLibrarySettings ()
 AxResourceLibrarySettings (const AxResourceLibrarySettings &settings)
 ~AxResourceLibrarySettings ()
void Init ()
void operator= (const AxResourceLibrarySettings &settings)
void Copy (const AxResourceLibrarySettings &settings)
void SetMainLibraryPath (const wxString &path)
 Set/get main library path.
const wxString & GetMainLibraryPath () const
void SetAdditionalLibraryPaths (const wxArrayString &paths)
 Set/get additional library paths.
const wxArrayString & GetAdditionalLibraryPaths () const
wxArrayString & GetAdditionalLibraryPaths ()
void SetLibraryDataFile (const wxString &path)
 Set/get full library data filename.
const wxString & GetLibraryDataFile () const
wxString GetLibraryChangesDataFile () const
 Get changes filename, deducing it from the library data filename.
void SetSupportedFiles (const AxSupportedFiles &supported)
 Set supported files.
AxSupportedFilesGetSupportedFiles ()
 Get supported files.
const AxSupportedFilesGetSupportedFiles () const

Public Attributes

wxString m_mainLibraryPath
wxArrayString m_additionalLibraryPaths
wxString m_uploadPath
wxString m_libraryDataFile
AxSupportedFiles m_supportedFiles

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AxResourceLibrarySettings::AxResourceLibrarySettings (  )  [inline]

AxResourceLibrarySettings::AxResourceLibrarySettings ( const AxResourceLibrarySettings settings  )  [inline]

AxResourceLibrarySettings::~AxResourceLibrarySettings (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::Copy ( const AxResourceLibrarySettings settings  ) 

wxArrayString& AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetAdditionalLibraryPaths (  )  [inline]

const wxArrayString& AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetAdditionalLibraryPaths (  )  const [inline]

wxString AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetLibraryChangesDataFile (  )  const

Get changes filename, deducing it from the library data filename.

const wxString& AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetLibraryDataFile (  )  const [inline]

const wxString& AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetMainLibraryPath (  )  const [inline]

const AxSupportedFiles& AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetSupportedFiles (  )  const [inline]

AxSupportedFiles& AxResourceLibrarySettings::GetSupportedFiles (  )  [inline]

Get supported files.

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::Init (  ) 

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::operator= ( const AxResourceLibrarySettings settings  )  [inline]

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::SetAdditionalLibraryPaths ( const wxArrayString &  paths  )  [inline]

Set/get additional library paths.

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::SetLibraryDataFile ( const wxString &  path  )  [inline]

Set/get full library data filename.

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::SetMainLibraryPath ( const wxString &  path  )  [inline]

Set/get main library path.

void AxResourceLibrarySettings::SetSupportedFiles ( const AxSupportedFiles supported  )  [inline]

Set supported files.

Member Data Documentation

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