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A help provider class building on wxSimpleHelpProvider, but voicing the help as well as showing it. More...

#include <ax/ax_help_provider.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AxHelpProvider (AxSpeech *speech=NULL)
 ~AxHelpProvider ()
void Init ()
wxString GetWindowOrAdapterHelp (const wxWindowBase *window)
virtual wxString GetHelp (const wxWindowBase *window)
virtual bool ShowHelp (wxWindowBase *window)
AxSpeechGetSpeech () const
void SetSpeech (AxSpeech *speech)

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetHelpWindow (wxWindow *helpWindow)
static void CleanUp ()
 Clean up dialog.

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

static wxWindow * sm_helpWindow = NULL
static wxWindow * sm_invokedFrom = NULL

Detailed Description

A help provider class building on wxSimpleHelpProvider, but voicing the help as well as showing it.

Use a line like this to set the help provider in your application initialisation code:

    wxHelpProvider::Set(new AxHelpProvider(& GetViewManager().GetSpeech()));

See the wxWidgets manual for more on wxHelpProvider.

This class uses its own tip window implementation, since the default wxTipWindow class is not very flexible and because it's based on a frame, causes unnecessarily focus setting and therefore repeated control description. In contrast, AxHtmlToolTip uses wxPopupWindow where possible. It can also support more interesting text.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AxHelpProvider::AxHelpProvider ( AxSpeech speech = NULL  ) 

AxHelpProvider::~AxHelpProvider (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void AxHelpProvider::CleanUp (  )  [static]

Clean up dialog.

wxString AxHelpProvider::GetHelp ( const wxWindowBase *  window  )  [virtual]

AxSpeech* AxHelpProvider::GetSpeech (  )  const [inline]

wxString AxHelpProvider::GetWindowOrAdapterHelp ( const wxWindowBase *  window  ) 

void AxHelpProvider::Init (  ) 

static void AxHelpProvider::SetHelpWindow ( wxWindow *  helpWindow  )  [inline, static]

void AxHelpProvider::SetSpeech ( AxSpeech speech  )  [inline]

bool AxHelpProvider::ShowHelp ( wxWindowBase *  window  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

wxWindow * AxHelpProvider::sm_helpWindow = NULL [static]

wxWindow * AxHelpProvider::sm_invokedFrom = NULL [static]

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