This is a selection of tools that may be useful when programming with wxCLIPS.

Name Description Platform Location Type
MicroEmacs for Windows Emacs-like, lightweight editor for Windows, with macro language. The help file is here.

MicroEmacs can be used with the emacs.rc and ddesend.exe files provided with wxCLIPS, to allow loading of source code into wxCLIPS from the editor.

Windows 3.1 Freeware
Emacs for Windows NT/Windows 95 Port of Emacs to WIN32. Very large. Windows 95, Windows NT Freeware
Name Description Platform Location Type
GhostScript PostScript clone. Various Freeware
Miscellanous utilities
Name Description Platform Location Type
Dialog Editor The wxWidgets dialog editor, which can also be used to create dialogs for wxCLIPS applications. Windows 3.1 Freeware

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