Compiling wxCLIPS with VC++ 4.0: a user's notes

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 07:21:29 -0700
From: Russell Deich 
Reply-To: deich@GDEsystems.COM
To: Julian Smart 
Subject: VC++ 4.0 on NT 3.51

Julian -
Here are my notes on compiling wxCLIPS for MSVC++ 4.0
FYI. I will also generate one for MSVC++ 4.2, later.
-Russell Deich                 

           Compiling wxCLIPS.

Set up the user/system environmental variables:
set WXWIN = c:\wx
set include = c:\msdevstd\include;c:\msdevstd\mfc\include
set lib = c:\msdevstd\lib
set path = c:\msdevstd\bin 

STEP ONE: Download and Compile CLIPS

Compiling the CLIPS 6.0 version downloaded from the AIAI site. MSVC++

1. Download the CLIPS source files from the AIAI site

     Select DOWNLOADS. Select SOURCE. Select the CLIPS X.X "folder"
     (this downloads CLIPS 6.0 as of 4/23/97.) 

2. UnZIP the CLIPS zip file. Extract the source files into C:\clips60

3. Open a DOS window, change directory to C:\clips60

4. Edit the CLIPS file in C:\clips60\setup.h. 

     Change the compiler flag to GENERIC as shown:
     #define GENERIC 1 /* Generic CLIPS (any machine) */

5. At the DOS prompt, type: nmake -f makefile.nt 

     NOTE: If the compile fails to find tmpltcom.h, navigate to download
     source code, and copy over tmpltcom.h into c:\clips60.

     This builds the clips32v.lib file.

STEP TWO: Download and Compile wxWidgets

Compiling wxWidgets. MSVC++ 4.0

1. Download the wxWidgets source files from the AIAI site 

     Select DOWNLOADS. Select the Latest release (1.66F) link. 

     At the new page, navigate to this directory:
     Current directory is /pub/packages/wxwin/1.66F/win

     Up to higher level directory 

     Download all the above files into c:\temp. UnZIP all these files
into an appropriate directory,
     like C:\wx. From File Manager, double click on c:\temp\install.exe.
At the end of this script, 
     an Alert Window may appear saying "Please insert disk 1: wxWidgets
Install Disk". Hit
     Cancel, and ignore the message which says "Sorry wxWidgets not
installed correctly.".
     (You may need to see C:\wx\install\install.txt for more

     Change directory to C:\wx\src\msw. Type: nmake -f makefile.nt.

STEP THREE: Download and Compile wxCLIPS

Compiling wxCLIPS. MSVC++ 4.0

Do both the following downloads:
Download wxCLIPS from pub/packages/wxclips/ (or
later version)
Download wxCLIPS from pub/packages/wxclips/source/ (or
later version)
(wxExtend comes with

Unzip both of the wxclips downloads into c:\wxclips.

You need to have this hierarchy:
Move the wxclips directory to wx\utils to create the directory

Edit c:\wx\utils\wximage\win\wbima.h
Set #define WXIMA_SUPPORT_JPEG to 0, as some jpeg files are not in this
download (yet).

Edit c:\wx\utils\wxclips\src\makefile.nt so that the CLIPSDIR variable
points to
the c:\clips60 directory. This requires three small edit changes in

Change directory to c:\wx\utils\wxclips\src.
Type nmake -f makefile.nt full (use 'cleanall' to start a fresh build)
This now creates wxclips.exe.

If the compile fails to find wxextend.lib, then from the File Manager, 
create a directory c:\wx\utils\wxextend\lib.

If the compile fails (a link error) to find winpng.lib, winjpeg.lib,
and/or zlib.lib, then
run: nmake -f makefile.nt in each of these subdirectories (under
wximage): png, jpeg, zlib.

(NOTE FROM JULIAN SMART: You can avoid downloading and compiling
the JPEG source by editing c:\wx\utils\wximage\win\wbima.h and
changing WXIM_SUPPORT_JPEG to 0.)

-last modified by R.Deich on 4/25/97 with an assist to J.Potts