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A collection of free C++ source code, written by myself except where otherwise stated. The Code Attic contains some older efforts.


wxWidgets A free and increasingly popular C++ cross-platform GUI toolkit for Windows, X11, GTK+, Motif, Mac, and more.

See wxWidgets Home Page.

   Customisable toolbar dialog

This is a set of classes for toolbar customisation, including a dialog class. Instead of creating toolbars directly, you create objects that can be used to customise and create toolbars. Download

   Scrolling dialog sample

This demonstrates how to create a dialog with a scrolling content area. The scrollbars are only visible when the dialog is too large to fit the display. See wxScrollingDialog below for a class that will give the same behaviour to your existing dialogs, by rearranging the control hierarchy.



wxScrollingDialog scrolled wxScrollingDialog unscrolled This class turns your existing wxWidgets dialogs into scrolling dialogs, when there isn't enough space to show all of the dialog at once. This is especially useful for devices such as the Eee PC which have a small screen. The standard buttons remain on the screen at all times. The images on the right show the same dialog on a large display (unscrolled) and a small display (scrolled).

To use, just derive from wxScrollingDialog. If you have dialog buttons that do not have the standard identifiers (such as wxID_OK, wxID_CANCEL and wxID_APPLY) then call AddButtonId multiple times with the identifiers of the buttons to be left unscrolled. For further discussion about adaptation to the Eee PC screen, see Programming for the Eee PC with wxWidgets.


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