Anthemion Clients

Anthemion Software has worked with the following clients:

Datactics Limited, U.K.
Work on improving the user interface and adding ODBC support for their data mining product.

Hitachi Europe Limited, U.K.
Work on enhancing wxWidgets for their WebReuser code analysis product.

SoftSolutions!, Italy
Work on graphical clients for satellite broadcast management, on behalf of The Fantastic Company.

Remstar, U.S.A.
Conversion of a large application from wxWidgets 1.68 to wxWidgets 2.1.

Scientific Toolworks Inc., U.S.A.
Work on customising wxWidgets.

BDP Ltd, U.K.
Project management and C++Builder work on BDP Doorway, a utility to help maximize web site hits.

Fibre Propagation Networks, U.K.
A graphical display application, using wxWidgets.

Photon Design Ltd., U.K.
Design and implementation of Windows applications using wxWidgets.

Atos, Netherlands
Enhancements to a wxWidgets application, on behalf of NASA.

Vision X Software, Inc.
Programmed Puzzlepalooza, a software puzzle game for Windows.

Mirko Buffoni, Italy
Conversion of a DOS application (textile terminology database) to Windows, using MFC.

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